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angelicmarijun - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by angelicmarijun
on December 18th, 2012 at 4:14 PM

Once upon a time there were two wood cutters. They led similar lives and both had a deep love for both God and their families. They both worked for sunrise to sunset and both avid readers. The first man came home every evening and kissed his wife and hugged his children and then would spend the rest of the evening reading. He read all of the great dead theologians and he read all of the great living theologians. He read books on the topics of the theology and he read the Bible.He read every day, every spare moment of every day until he could keep his eyes open no longer. When he would go into the nearby town he would strike up conversations about the latest deeply resounding thought he had been pondering. His vocabulary was astonishing and many marveled at the man.
Similarly in the next town over the other wood cutter loved to read. He read Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. He loved his Bible too. He would pour over the pages each time begging God to give him greater insight. But each night at precisely the same time, he would put all his books away save the Bible and he would gather his family around the fire and they would read a verse or two and then talk about it. He would then carry each child to bed individually and spend a few moments alone with each child, praying with them and talking to them about anything their heart desired. The ritual took hours because he had 11 children, and once he was done he would talk to his wife and pray with her. Each night the moon was high in the night sky before the woodcutter would crawl into bed. When he would go into the nearby town he would head to the local pub and strike up conversation with anyone about anything. He was a simple man with a simple vocabulary and many marveled at his simplicity.

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