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Anonymous User

Posted by Anonymous
on December 21st, 2012 at 12:25 PM

Sometimes after making love when we lie in the dishabilled satin sheets I gave on your immaculate beauty enchanted... amazed that I have found someone so perfect as you. On the floor our clothes lie like small islands on the carpet. My arms hold you so close and tight... the feel of your breasts pressed against my chest... fingertips touching your smooth, warm skin while we look at each other so lovingly. The sweet scent of your faded perfume intoxicates me. You touch the side of my face and our lips meet in soft and gentle kisses. Cuddling so tenderly after the wild and fiery passion, which we have shared, that freed the affections of our hearts we share all that we are opening ourselves to each other and absorbed in the pleasures our bodies shared. Now at this moment, my darling, we feel closer to each other than we have ever done before. Not a word is spoken between us because words have no meaning right now. All that there is right now is you and I and the sweet pleasure together that lingers deep within the soul that will last a lifetime and beyond. Right now the world outside no longer exists, or the problems life plagues us with, because we find a paradise in a moment together to share all our hearts wanted to give, which will be engravd in our hearts for ever.

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