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Posted by Anonymous
on December 28th, 2012 at 1:37 AM

I am always with you ..........close or far....... Its you in my heart my first and only love ...It may seem forbidden and sin in others eyes may be to you also but to me its pure divinity.I don't care what the world will name it ..I know what I feel and no one even you can't change or erase it ...I know though fulfillment won't come well all Love can't be culminated but the feelings can't be denied.... Pages mat be filled up with words but can it truly justify I presume so now I prefer to enjoy and cherish my feelings in silence it makes me feel united and entwined with your soul I can literally feel you within my heart and soul....Tears that flow are all for you but now it doesn't pain me anymore as it flows only for you making me realise how much I love you......more than anyone else in this world........

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