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KoiNoYokan - male

Posted by KoiNoYokan
on January 2nd, 2013 at 1:40 AM

Have you ever fallen in a strong love for someone knowing that there are many reasons why it will not work out? I get the feeling a lot of people have. I'm normaly a very logical person but when my emotions come into play I can hear my subconscious saying,"what are you doing? Stop before you get hurt. There's no way this is going to work, you know that". And I say,"I know that but just be quiet and let me get hurt a little bit longer". My emotions tend to win over my logic and reason almost always, and that can be really frustrating and saddening sometimes. Even if you know it's not going to work, sometimes you just want to be allowed to think it will. And other times you wish you just would have listened to your reason from the beginning and avoided the pain all together. Anyway moral of the story is that emotions hold great power over us and I guess I'm just a little sad right now hah. Please feel free to share any stories or elaborate on what I've said.


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