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azbttmguy - 36-40 years old - male

Posted by azbttmguy
on January 6th, 2013 at 11:33 AM

i had sex with a big **** tranny right before christmas, i had my place all alone had 2 tv's playing shemale **** and we had been playing for a while. we had taken a break to to rest a bit and i showed her a group watersports **** i made with a group of college guys. she thought it was hot and wanted to film her ******* on me. wemade a short video and played it back and she went back to ******* me. after a few minutes she stopped and told me she saw someone looking thru the window. i told her who cares and lets ****,  a good 15 minutes goes by and we hear "what the **** is going on?" i jump up and turn its my brother and a buddy of his, she turns around with her big *** hardon and they just look at me. they ask me if its my regular thing to do, nope this is the first tranny thats ****** me...and you couldnt find one with a smaller ****? she is huge...i know she is.. then she tells them its 9.25" and your brother has been taking it for over an hour and likes it. my brother goes outside to smoke and his buddy is standing there and tells us to keep *******. we do and he tells her to pound me harder i look over and he is hiding a ***** so i tel him to just whip it out. he starts stroking but then goes outside for a bit then comes back in. he drops his pants and strokes away. my brother walks back in and sees his buddy ******* and asks why are you doing that? he said its hot to watch.. its hot to watch my brother get ****** by a chick? yes it is....we go back at it and she pulls out to shoot in my mouth then ***** me again. my buddy asks my brother do you remember when he used to suck your **** like tht? my brother smiled and said i used to make him suck me off for hours till i left high school. i think he spent more time sucking **** then learning because of what you did to him. all i did was ask him to give me and a few friends blow jobs again.... but you asked him to do it in the locker room during tryouts and did it in the middle of the room. he said he didnt mind some of the guys knowing he sucked ****, but i didnt think that every kid in the locker room would want a blow job. your brother would sit in the locker room day after day and suck who ever came by. he even sucked most of the coaches off too. its kind of your fault he likes to get ****** by a tranny so just enjoy it. my brother took his cloths off and beat off. the tranny pulled out to *** again in my mouth and my brother was playing with her **** and ***. i looked at him and put his **** in my mouth and went to town and he got off quickly and i kept going he was moaning and i got him off again. she asked him how it was and he told her it felt so natural and awesome. no one ever makes a bj feel so natural like my brother even our cousins said the same thing. he blew your cousins too, yes thats how this stared. we went to visit them on the farm and he went off with 2 cousins and neighbor kids. we found them watching a **** in a barn.

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