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Posted by Anonymous
on January 9th, 2013 at 5:47 PM

Why don't you come back to me please? You know you need me, need me so much! You need me to make your smile. You need me to wipe your tears without asking why. You need me to stay with you when you will be broken. You need me to appreciate your beauty even in darkness. You need me to help you when there is none. You need me to be with you during your hardest times. You need me to notice your love, if you fail to express. You need me to understand what you are going through. You need me to protect me from all bad things. You need me to be the one who gives you everything. You need me to be the one you love to share things with. You need me to be the one who lights your day. And you need me to be the only one with whom you end up your life !

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