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Posted by Anonymous
on January 29th, 2013 at 12:07 PM

My Darling...
Come with me to a paradise all our own where passion and desires are set free and all that you have ever dreamed of becomes a sweet reality before your eyes. I give to you the land of your own Utopia, where lovers walk hand in hand in the warmth of the summer sun and the gentle breeze caresses your face so lovingly, ruffling a few strands of your hair while I whisper my words of the heart of a romantic and at night... lovers lay on the grassy shore of a calm lake, silver ballerinas dancing on a liquid stage as the lovers' arms entwine, lips embrace softly and tenderly. Entraced in the moment of their hearts' affections, skin against skin, they join as one - body, soul and spirit - as their hearts entwine under the silver cyclop's eye, and angels sing a sweet serenade of love now found in the warm night of this paradise.
My Darling... Let me take you to this place which awaits you, guiding you down the path to our special garden with every word I write... only for you.

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