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on February 3rd, 2013 at 8:13 PM

Follow your instincts.  If you love matter how much it's the wrong thing to try and find them online.  Especially EP.  I know there are those who will poo-poo me about this and they are right.  No one is the exception to the rule....not me either. 

I have someone I realized I loved several years ago.  We were in a unique situation and communication was sparse.  There are all kinds of factors, but, all I knew is I loved them and would go to whatever lengths to find a way....because I knew they had feelings for me and I just so wanted it to be what ever it was supposed to be.  I won't say how I know, but I know....and don't kid yourself, there are ways, but they were on here as well. 

I didn't know they had the expertise they do.  They didn't know I was as clueless as I am about this stuff.  Needless to say...everything got effed up.  EVERYTHING. 

EVERY DAMN THING.  The ONLY thing I can say in my defense....I was willing to come out from behind this screen and be real.  Even so, I still did my fair share of STUPID THINGS to mess it up.  The thing is, I truly love this person.  I don't think I'll ever come back.  It's too painful a reminder of so much pain watching something I would really have given my life for....die.   Now, there's nothing.

Please.....DON'T, DO NOT BE stupid like me.  Just don't.  Bite the bullet, be brave, feel the fear and do it anyway and just go for it in real life.  This loss might have been avoided and that will hurt me forever.  I thought I could get through, I thought so much.....and was wrong.   I know now, computers are not for love...they are for spying and getting into peoples diaries and goofing off online and work....not much good comes of this crap.  I wish they had never been invented. Better yet,  keep computers....I'd just rather not even been born.   This has not been such a fine way to end a potentially beautiful love story that happens only once in a blue moon. 

Life sucks. 

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