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Anonymous User

Posted by Anonymous
on February 18th, 2013 at 11:07 PM

Last week I got a call from my Uncle and asked if I could take my Aunt home for them because everyone had been drinking and she was wrecked, they where going to let her crash there but she got so drunk she triped outside and got soaking wet from a puddle.
I get to the house and a couple of my Uncles help me get her in the car, she was passed out drunk.  I am driving her home now and started remembering all the fantasies I had about my Aunt.  My Aunt even though she was 50 years old, was incredibly hot, I had a crush on her since I was a young teen about 25 years now.  So I am driving trying to wake my Aunt Tammy up and no response, I was pushing and poking her and no response but snoring..  So I played a little touchy feely with her boobs.  But I finaly got to the house and I am in the driveway and I went around and got her seat belt off having to lean over her and I seen her clevage and thought.. hmmm I wonder if I can just get a quick peek and cop a feel.  I opened pulled her shirt open a bit and saw clevage but her damn bra was in the way..  But I started getting her out of the car and off course coping a feel on her boobs and butt and even her crotch over her jeans.
I got her in the house and laid her on the couch and was going to leave but I said to myself let me atleast have some fun here... I was nervous to undress her in case she woke up, so I started feeling her up again and got on the couch and pulled my penis out with one of her legs on the floor and the other bent up.  even though her jeans where on, I started ************ on her crotch. 
At this time I got a bit more daring and decided to carry her to her bed and if she doesnt wake up from me carrying her then maybe I will atleast take her outer clothes off which I ended up doing.  She was laying there in her underwear and bra and off course having thongs on her laying on her side turned me on..  So I started foundeling her butt and even took it out ************ on her butt.
At this time my heart was racing hoping she wouldnt wake up, so I said to myself, let me get her naked and get a house robe on her and if she doesnt wake up then maybe I can get a little touchy feel.  I got her in a house robe and then laid her on her back and then tried waking her up over and over again and nothing.  So I undid the front of her robe and spreaded her legs a bit.  I took pics and videos with my phone and ran out to my car to grab my video camera.  I got so much video and pics of her.
Then I put the video camera on the dresser to get a full view of me and her and I started ************ over her with her legs spread open.  Thats all I had intended to do but I got so hot and bothered that I didnt care, I started going down on her and sucking her boobs back and forth and even rolled her over on her stomach and positioned her leaning over the bed and I ate her from behind..  She had a nice but a bit hairy crotch, and I even licked her butt and the butt hole, I didnt leave an inch unlicked. 
I knew this opportunity would never come again so I slowely inched penis into her and was penetrating her in that doggie style position, I went slow for awile but the closest she came to waking up is moaning my uncles name twice.  I pounded her hard at that point because at this point you are getting there and dont care if she wakes up,  I plowed her and blew my stuff all over her butt..  It felt so good, but got nervous and cleaned it off her really quick and wraped her up in the bath robe and covered her with a blanket. 
If she asked how she got undressed I was going to tell her I just droped you off and you must have done it in the middle of the night, I even left all her wet clothes all over the floor.  I did everything to cover my tracks. 
But knowing again I would never get an opportunity at this again, I stayed there for a little while, made a sandwich, got something to drink and got hard again and went in the room to try to wake her up and stil just snoring away, so I just ripped the blanket off and this time got really bold went to the bathroom and got stark naked and walked across her house naked and into her room just for the fun of it and even at that i was testing the waters to make sure she wasnt waking up, so I took the blanket off, opened the robe and bent her legs up mounting her for round 2, this time she just moaned a tiny bit but never woke up, but at that point when plowing her its I didnt care if she woke up, I was so excited.  I pulled out and shot all over her pubes and stomach, cleaned her off, tied her robe back on and covered her and walked back across the house naked, took a shower and crashed on the couch, I was going to go home but I was too tired.
She wakes up and asked how she got home and all that, I told her that I brought her home, got her to her bed and made up a lie that she got up in the middle of the night and walked to the bathroom naked and back to bed in a robe.  She had no clue lol  She did laugh and joke saying "you must have loved that", off course I said yes I did. We both laughed after she called me a pig but I ate breakfast and she thanked me for bringing her home and I took off.
But...  Not even a hour later, I got a call because I forgot my friggin video camera on her dresser and she watched some of the film..  she just calls me over saying I need to talk to you its important, so I got over there and she asked if I forgot something and me being so mezmorized of all that happend I was clueless , she holds up the video camera and I thought I was screwed.. 
All she said was I watched what was on there and copied it to my computer and threatened me that if I don't come visit her atleast once a week until the Summer starts because my uncle gets laid off in the summer and he is at his job site 6 days out of the week and most of the time doesnt even come home.  I don't feel bad either because I know my Uncle is banging one of his secretary assistants thats half his age, reason I know is because she is my good friends sister.
At this point I was going to come out and tell my aunt this to make up for what I did saying I felt bad for her and wanted to treat her good.  But before I could do that, she came right out, I know the bastard is porking jessica his assistant secretary so I can have a side dish myself.
But its been 3 days now and I went to go visit my Aunt for the last 3 days now, and I have to say it is much better when someone is concious and awake.
What my Aunt doesn't know, is I posted our videos all over **** sites.  I tell her lets film it for fun and we can watch it and I will erase it, so what I do is simply switch the sim cards and she has no idea about how cameras work.  But she is a freak, we had sex on adult internet chats on the camera.  she even agreed to let me have my good friend steph who doesnt know anyone in our family to come over this week and film us. 
But my Aunt Tammy is 50 a hot 50, has long dirty blond hair, hazzle eyes, DD boobs, nice big butt, a bit of a tummy but weight in all the right places. it feels so good making love to her, 69 is both our favorite, just today we sucked each other off for a good 45 minutes, never in my life have i got to do that before.  me being in my 30's, she is definatly by far the best i ever had.
sounds gross to most, but i cant get enough of having her goods (vag & butt) in my face and suckn it all off.  she is the first woman i ever licked and sucked somones butt hole, i even shove my tongue far as it could go in.  i also love bending her over and just eat away at it all, but 69 is defin our fav, then off course doggie to finish things off.  shes the first woman who i have been with that loves annal, oral, you name it, jsut in 3 days we have done it all and then some.  i did more on her in 3 days than i did my whole life on teh 15 other girls i have been with.

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  1. BSIMTC - 18-21 years old - female

    Posted by BSIMTC on February 19th, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    wow, i love it....

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User May 26th, 2015 at 6:57AM

  3. Xero7even1984 - 26-30 years old - male

    Posted by Xero7even1984 on February 19th, 2013 at 1:59 AM

    Oh now that is ******* hot!

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  4. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User May 26th, 2015 at 6:57AM

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