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Anonymous User

Posted by Anonymous
on March 16th, 2013 at 1:28 PM

Yes i do love being controled  and used By   This Mature Vancouver Dominatrix   Mistress Desiree
Her web sites are verry exciting to look at check Them out    or

on Google type in { panties for the mutt  looser bill drummond }

Mistress Desiree lets Her Useless Panty pig mutt dummond looser bill drummond
to talk To Her Panties over The Phone   Mistress Desiree does charg a fee or pantie tributte

Now the mutt !! does talk to Her Panties !    it does confess !  it's'' love'  for  the panties ??  To The PANTIES  ::
 Can this realy Happen ??
 { Some times}  the Panties  tells ;; "" Mistress Desiree "" What Her mutt dummond has confessed to  ?

Now the mutt is only talking to the panties on the Phone ?
How can  Mistress Desiree  ;;Used Panties ''   tell   Mistress Desiree any thing ?

the mutt  does try and obey ;   Knowing ;;     or it some times thinks :  

Mistress Desiree !! is only using it  for a laugh  haha

 the mutt has sent the tributte   and calling  Mistress :  the next day ;;  Asking If She got

the payment  ?? 

Mistress Says no ?? tels the mutt to send it again ?
he mutt does ?
 again it calls Mistress  Desiree : Asking if She got that letter  ;  Again the next day

Mistress Says No  send it today 
 The mutt does 3 times

Mistress is having some fun  i think
But that mutt has nothing better to do
This is the best sex that mutt gets
 visit vffdungeon

thank you
the useless *** sucking whimpe pantie pig mutt dummond looser bill drummond




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