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my husband wears my panties

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emmagoforit - female

Posted by emmagoforit
on August 7th, 2013 at 11:04 PM

My husband likes to wear sexy woman's panties. He buys me panties and himself the same kind. He's not a Cross Dresser and it has spiced up our sex life very much and we are Jr. senior citizens! He used to just wear them in the house. Now he wears them everywhere we go! I mean very sexy see thru, Lacy bikini's and thongs! My mother was living with us, she's from NY and is 78 years old and in good shape. My husband confessed to her and she said if it feels good do it! He would prance around in his see thru panties and my mother loved it!  Oh, by the way my mother walks around naked a lot and we've tried to get her to stop and it's hopeless. My husband and my mother have gone panty shopping together and bought some pretty racy revealing stuff! My husband started shaving his public hair off, as he's seen that my mother shaves and he now loves being shaved and wearing panties. I caught my mother in her bathroom shaving my husbands privates and she said "What do want him to cut off his penis"? Recently my husband had some prostrate issues and the Doctor wanted a ***** sample. He instructed me on what he wanted me to do and I was all prepared. When we got home mother asked what the Doctor said? & I told her what I needed to do! She volunteered to do it for me and I screamed at her NO! I now find out that my mother and my husband have been a little too involved over the last 2 years. Let me explain. My mother is a window and has been for the last 26 years. No men in her life at all! When my Husband had hip surgery she was living with us and she took care of him while I went to work. I find out now she bathed him, massaged him and when bathing him if he got an erection she took care of that for him to relieve his"Stress" as so she says! I confronted them both about this, as my husband told me one night. My mother said she has certain needs and wants and so does my husband and if I can't take care of his needs she will, as it's better to keep it in the family than finding some stranger who might be diseased! I didn't like what I heard and waited a few days and talked to my best girlfriend who is in Miami. Cathy shocked me when she said, "You may not like it, but it's better knowing and if it makes our sex life better and my Mom happy..... then go for it"! Well I didn't like what I heard... but we all talked and I said if they ever do anything more I don't want to know about it and I'll have to see how I can deal with this in the next 30 to 60 days. We seemed all okay with this new agreement and nothing seemed to change. After about 30+ days one night after a bottle of wine and when we were in the Hot Tub I asked Stu if he and mother had done anything? He said it's not open for discussion, as you said you didn't want to know!  I argued and finally he said if you really want to know the truth be prepared to be shocked! I said tell me! I find out now that about once a week they started out just touching and then it went to oral sex and then intercourse and now everything goes! I guess I figured it was finally going to happen and I can confess my husband and I get a long a lot better and my mother is a very happy women and thankful that I allow her to share my husband with her once in awhile! UPDATE: (1) year or so later..... everything is great! We are now very open about it and we've engaged in a "Three-some" numerous times and I discovered my mother to my ultimate shock is Bisexual! It took me about 4 times but now I'm okay with it and I don't reciprocate, but she sure knows how to make a woman very happy..... better than my husband!. Now when I travel on business and I call home I ask Mom what's planned for the evening?  She gives me the dinner menu and if there will be any fun and games after dinner or if they've already enjoyed themselves for the day!  My husband has now lost almost 46 pounds and mother has lost almost 50 pounds and I've lot 43 pounds!  I guess you could almost say "We F--ked ourselves into getting fit and trim"  Mom and Stu are still wearing & sharing panties and when we went to Europe last month I bought some beautiful very sexy lingerie and matching panties for Stu.... he loved them!  Mother still walks around half the time in the buff and has a full body tan and looks great for her age. Plus, we just discovered that he has a whole box of her very own sex toys that she says she's had for the last 15+ years! We are a happy trio and I've fully accepted the sharing and the sexual experiments that still go on once in awhile. It makes our lives very exciting and I've got a wonderful husband and a very loving and caring mother. I guess I am lucky in more ways than one!  Your comments?

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