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on September 3rd, 2013 at 12:10 AM

I like ******* off in front of women. One time I was ******* off while driving down rt3. My shirt was unbuttoned and my shorts were on the passenger seat. Feeling the sun and wind on my body felt unbelievable. I just drove and stroked my ****. As I drove by women I would slow down so that they could observe my sexual gestures. Some smiled and some looked then turned away quickly. None could see my **** but knowing that I was ******* off as we looked at each other turned me on. About 10 minutes into my horny endeavor, a woman drove next to me. She was a redhead with a white tank. Her hair was in a ponytail and I could tell that she was not wearing a bra. She was well endowed which turned me on even more. I kept stroking my **** as we played chicken. I would drive up next to her and jerk faster then she would pull away then slow down to flash me her breasts. After about 5 - 10 miles of the sexual game of chase, I nodded for her to pull over which to my surprise she did. She pulled into the breakdown lane then I pulled in right behind her. I got out of my passenger nude and walked to her car. There some trees that shaded a bit of privacy. I opened the door and got in. She was surprised to see me nude but figured I was. She said that she thought that I was ******* off and wanted to see my ****. There I sat nude stroking a roaring hard on. She lifted her tank top and exposed a pair of huge ****. I jerked harder and faster as I looked at them. She then reached down to unbutton her shorts then began to finger herself.I could see pre-*** oozing out of my **** and I could feel my **** tense up as it was getting ready to *********. I slowed down to prevent the climax and watched her finger go in and out of her hairy *****. There we were sitting next to each other feeling good touching each others privates. She would stroke my **** with one hand and rub my balls and scrotum with the other while I fingered her with 3 fingers. Tasting her *** every time I pulled them out. It felt like hours sitting there in anticipation of ******* all over myself. As I got closer to ******* I asked her where she wanted my ***. She said that she wanted it in her hands so I jerked harder and faster starring at her face, ****, *****, and body. I felt myself ready to blow with her hands just at the head of my **** waiting to catch my juice. I did not know what she was going to do with it. Eat it? Wipe it off? Wear it? I stroked harder and faster then it was time. I could not hold it back any longer I could feel my **** tighten up the way it does just before it shoots. I felt that feeling of pleasure as it shot out of the head of my **** into her hands. it felt like I kept ******* and *******. I watched her face as I was ******* and that look of surprise as I filled both of her hands. I sat there with my **** lying on my thigh. It felt unbelievable. I watched her then take the *** and lick it off her hands. When she was done she began fingering herself furiously. I could tell she wanted to *** just as much as I did. Her back arched and her **** thrusted forward. She began to moan. I watched her finders go in and out and her hands squeeze her large breasts then it happened..She gushed all over front seat. As she gushed she cried and shook violently. I could tell it was a good ******. After 30 seconds of ******* her body relaxed and she fell back into her seat.I noticed a stain i between her legs. We looked at each other. She reached over and touched my **** then said thank you. I rubbed her breasts and fingered then said thank you in return. I got out ran to my car then took off. I never saw her again but it was one of my favorite ************ experiences........

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