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Posted by wheat2012
on October 21st, 2013 at 11:08 PM

for a while we shared a house with my in laws. my mother in law was about 60, and would often go on an enema rant, about how good it was for you, how much better it made you feel, her eyes would light up when she talked about it. I had a suspicion it was sexual for her. At the time I was working 2 weeks away, then home for 1 week. We were alone during the day and I decided I would see how far I could go with proving my suspicion. So any chance I got I would get her onto the subject of enemas. When she found I had an "interest" and might be a convert, she readily went into more detail , apparently she was hosing herself down a couple of times a week. So I finally took the chance and asked, innocently, If I could observe her routine. She puttered around the kitchen for a bit, occasionally say "well", then finally turned to me and said that her husband didn't have any interest in it so we should keep it to ourselves, basically she was agreeing it would be our secret. She said to give her 10 minutes to get ready then to come into her bathroom. when I got there she was dressed in a thin cotton robe, and was filling the enema bag, she was telling me about temps and different solutions, I mean she was really "educating" me on the wonderful subject of enemas. she said she usually lay in the tub and administers the fluid, then she says she lays there relaxed and holding it in. But to help me understand she would stand in front of the sink. I told her I should take part so I would know how to do my own, she hung the bag on a hook and not looking at me, handed me the nozzle. She spread her legs a bit and leaned on the sink, I lifted the hem of her robe and laid it across her back, she had a cute little butt for a 60 yr old. being careful I put the tip against her anus and told her to tell me how far. I could see her shaking a bit, nervous probably, excited. I slid it in, slowly, then I slid my other hand around to hold her belly, and told her to tell me when. I stopped at about 3 inches, she said more, so I pulled it almost out, then in about 4 inches, she actually let out a sound, then I did it again. "I'm I doing it right" I asked, "yes, you're doing well". After a couple of these probes she finally said it was in enough, I judged about 8 inches. she told me to release the clamp on the hose, "easy, slow" she was back to being the teacher. I just stood there behind her, holding her like that, listening to her breathe, it was very erotic. she said to pull it out slow, to stop just at the end, again I pulled it out a bit, then back in. I asked "I'm I doing it right?", "Uh, yeah, you're doing good" she said. after the nozzle was out she said she would usually hold it for a bit then set on the toilet and let it out. by now I was totally involved, so I just untied her robe and let it drop, saying something about it getting wet. Her breast were small and a little saggy, but her nipples were at least a half inch long, and she had no hair at all on her crotch. she moved to the toilet and set down. she said "Well that's all there is to it, so ok", she wanted me to leave, I stood there talking to her, I wasn't leaving yet. I could hear the water coming out. I told her I wanted to help again, since her husband thought it was "all useless". she finally looked at me, while she sat there naked, "that would be nice". I repeated this with her about 3 times a month for 3 months.
Each time she was was a little more relaxed about it, I was a little more the instructor instead of the student. I finally got her to admit that every so often she got sexual gratification from it, I jokingly told her I did too, she laughed a bit, I wasn't joking.
Sometimes she would lay in the tub, and I would watch, sometimes I helped. Usually we stood at the sink, she would watch my reflection in the mirror. I got to where I would cup her breast while I worked the nozzle, once I must of worked it in and out for a good 5 minutes, she just leaned into me and let me do it. I got to where I could even brush a finger across her ****, she just went along with everything.
I told her it was sometimes boring, that maybe I wouldn't help anymore, she said she liked me to help, looked forward to it. I said maybe we could try something different, something I had read was good for the colon. She said whatever I want was ok with her. Now all this time I was always fully clothed, my "technics" were sexual, but I always acted clinical. In the past with an ex girlfriend I have had anal sex, and really liked it, my wife, her daughter wasn't into it, not even a finger in the butt. so I was determined to try it with my mother in law.
Taking some KY gel she had in the medicine chest I lubed my fingers and before her enema I would have a go at her ***, I explained it was good for the sphincter muscles, she said she had read that too, I bet she had. After the first time I did this, I started fingering her too, I didn't ask, I just finger ****** her *** and ****, her whole attitude was like it was all a normal clinical technique. About the third time, I dropped my shorts to the floor and put her hand on my ****, while I fingered her, she just started stroking me as if it was part of it.
Finally I just did it, I led her out of the bathroom, onto her bed, face down, lubed my ****, and it felt so good, she was so willing, I must have ****** her for almost a hour, at first slow, like it was part of the treatment, then I just started pounding her ***, I never came so hard, all in all it took about 5 months. I've did it about 6 times now, but my job is taking us to another state soon, so I guess I'll miss it. My wife gives the best blow job, but won't let me anywhere near her butt. Her mother told me she gave my wife enema's when she was a child, so I think that's got something to do with it. Maybe I'm getting a bit of payback for her. Maybe one day I'll tell her, if we ever divorce.
the only detail I've left out is that My father in law is an associate pastor at a church here in my town. that just adds to the erotica.

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