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Shameful Thoughts

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Anonymous User

Posted by Anonymous
on November 28th, 2013 at 2:59 PM

Things In My Mind... 
That I am somewhat ashamed for.

- I am glad his last girlfriend was such a b*tch, because I never have to worry about him going back to his ex. 
- I am glad his last girlfriend traumatized him so deeply that he got psychotic and admitted to a mental facility, because otherwise I would never have met him there.
- I love him, far more than I show, and I'm afraid that if I show how much he really means to me, he'll feel too committed and want to run away, like most men. 
- He is a little underweight (not much, just on the edge of normal weight and underweight, really skinny), and even though it would probably be healthier for him, I hope he doesn't get fatter because I love how he looks now. 
- I am always afraid that one day he'll realize he can do better than schizophrenic old me, so I'm always learning new tricks for the bedroom, hoping that he'll stay because of the sex. 
- I want to marry him. 
- I generally find women physically more attractive than men, and I think that is why I like his long hair/feminine stature so much. (I'm not a lesbian though, I'm Bi and very much attracted to his "manhood" too)

As I said, shameful thoughts.

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