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  • Littlemisssomebody - 31-35 years old - female


    from Venting confessions

    I've got a complaint! aren't my feet worth fighting and wanking over?? huh.. and you backed down after only one warning shot from MypainisYourFriend.. huh.. *walks of in a huff*… [more]

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    By: Littlemisssomebody | Comments 335

  • Flicksy - 18-21 years old - female

    I confess that i think

    from Venting confessions

    More than 50% of these 'confessions' are BS. Plucked from the warped mind of teenage drama queens. I confess it, i really do. & if that makes me a bad person... Well, i better go cut myself :)… [more]

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    By: Flicksy | Comments 252

  • AmayaEkio - 18-21 years old - female


    from Love confessions

    It's good you aren't within my reach right at this moment. (: Because then you'd have to add me to your list of girls that have slapped you..… [more]

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    By: AmayaEkio | Comments 178

  • Anonymous

    I sent him a message...

    from Love confessions

    I hope that he replies and my luck begins...… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 151

  • ChristineJones - 31-35 years old - female

    *happy dance*!!!!

    from Friends confessions

    My pickle is back!! WELCOME BACK LP!!! *MWAH*… [more]

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    By: ChristineJones | Comments 122

  • inexperienced - 22-25 years old - male

    Be My Own Boss

    from Work confessions

    So I can get stoned....and no one will care. **** the place I work now doesn't care... Awesome… [more]

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    By: inexperienced | Comments 107

  • LizardKing - 26-30 years old - male


    from Venting confessions

    Im here at work, and the internet tonight is slow as dogshit! It just is sooooooooo annoying! It is slow as hell and nothing to do but browse the intranet, but it takes LITERALLY about two MINUTES for it load a page once i click on it! So, just clicking on my mail here on EP, reading the mail and replying will take me over 6 minutes, not counting the time it took for me to type my reply. Ughh!!!… [more]

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    By: LizardKing | Comments 102

  • Anonymous

    Dear Beloved, Life often...

    from Love confessions

    Dear Beloved, Life often takes drastic turns. At times we may not know what is ahead. I have found solace in following your lead, confident that we are capable of facing whatever challenges may lie ahead. I look forward to spending an eternity with you. A compliment of you is what I strive to be. I am confident that we will live together for an indefinitely long time. Why? I love you. I love you in every sense of the word. I love you with warm and personal affection, as a close friend. I love you as a dear family member. I love you romantically. Most of all I love you with the strongest form of love, principled agape love; a love that is an unselfish concern for doing what is right and go… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 90

  • Anonymous

    This is about my life. my...

    from Other confessions

    This is about my life. my name is Joelle. I am 14. I lie. people say im a *****. people say i talk behind other people's backs. but some people just dont know me. I've been used by many guys just for sex, and I'm never loved anymore. I cut myself so ****** deep at night that my eyes turn white. I cry myself to sleep everynight because i have no one to lie next to, and im afraid to have someone... because I don't think it will be true love. I have a very bad temper problem, I smash **** when I'm pissed. I smash stuff when I'm drunk.. I have a drinking problem. I have a pot smoking problem. I'm addicted to cigarettes. I'm addicted to pain.. I feel like no one loves me. i have moved from my gr… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 80

  • bambi2004tsu - 26-30 years old - female


    from Love confessions

    so, I'm dating and it hasn't been going that great. I keep pushing people alway that I care about. well I've seen this one guy who is really cool about 5 times. All was going well until last week when I felt like he was being alittle distant. so friday he contacted me to ask me out and I said that I didn't think it was going to work out because he wasn't treating me like I wanted to be treated (responding to text messages, etc). well saturday, the next day, I got my period and realized...OMG i was just hormonal and didn't mean any of that ......... I text him the next day telling him my excuse...and that I was sorry, etc. well he didn't contact me. I waited and tried to message him again… [more]

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    By: bambi2004tsu | Comments 78

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