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    I'm a professor

    from School confessions

    And I wish you kids would stay home until you're ready to handle an adult learning environment. Take a gap year or something, just don't come to college if you aren't capable of controlling yourself like a normal adult.… [more]

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  • kimberllytsy - female

    being bullied

    from School confessions

    okay so i had this friend in primary school. she's mean. she's like Rachel Mcadams in mean girls. yeah, she's that mean and just nasty sigh. there were six of us including her but she made herself the queen and she'll trample on anyone who so much as looks at her the wrong way. i dont even know why. so anyways, one day she decided to make me her victim of the day. she had everyone turn their backs at me so i was left alone in class. all cause i had something she didnt. im not even sure actually. it lasted for like a few weeks i think? i cant remember that well anymore. its actually been 4 years since then. anyways, so i had no friends. i couldnt talk to my old friends in public nor do they w… [more]

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