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  • igivefreelove - female

    I anti-fake it

    from Sex confessions

    I *** pretty easily... and often.  I find that I often have to hide my ******* during sex or the guy will blow it too soon.So my confession is: I anti-fake it... or I fake not having an ******... or... something like that.Yeah, it's not really honest, but I want (need!) more than two minutes of loving, dammit!(And I'm finally posting a Sex Confession... by request. Happy?)… [more]

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    By: igivefreelove | Comments 5

  • UKbikerGirl - female

    Rape Fantasy

    from Sex confessions

    Tonight, not for the first time, im going out for a walk at midnight into some nearby woods wearing nothing but some shoes, my big coat and a smile, and see if any has me… [more]

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    By: UKbikerGirl | Comments 4

  • Figurehug

    Im the Gal that is terrified because i didnt say no!

    from Sex confessions

    I hopped off the bed like a caught out schoolgirl, check the mirror again, I stand strait back boobs out. Did I brush my teeth!, coarse I brushed my teeth, GOD I could die! The door opens wide, he looks so handsom in his navy blue( Jeagar) of coarse, it was me who told him about their fantastic suits. Little did I realise that the first time id see it id be wearing my girly blk lace dress OMG, it won't be long before I'll be pulling off him. He smiled widely, put down a nice bottle of fizz, and walked towards me wiv a bunch of flowers (how sweet), what a charmer. He kissed me softly on the lips and handed me the blooms, he put his hands around my waist and moved in closer,(thank the gods h… [more]

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    By: Figurehug | Comments 4

  • Solopleasure - male

    Shopping for new toy.

    from Sex confessions

    Just home from shopping for a new adult toy to have some fun with tonight. Can't wait to gear down and experience some pleasure. Gonna be sooooo fun:)… [more]

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    By: Solopleasure | Comments 1

  • DillonSmith - 36-40 years old - male

    Beautiful transgenders

    from Sex confessions

    I find myself looking at more and more beautiful women that have rock hard c@(k$. I get turned on. I still have no desire to be with a man but I think I want my own pair of **** and be able to pleasure myself. Or have a woman play with me. … [more]

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    By: DillonSmith | Comments 0

  • Anonymous

    early age licking

    from Sex confessions

    I am hooked on bald ***** licking, don't matter the age if bald I lick it sry if I offend you but licked a 3yr old one time, she was nude legs spread nude and alone with no one to bother interupting… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 4

  • fadijp - female

    I've never been in a real relationship

    from Sex confessions

    I have never been in a real relationship ever. I sleep around too much. I can't help it. I guess I would rather sleep around than be tied down by a relationship. The fewest men I have been with in a one month period is 13 guys. By the time I was 16 I had over 400 guys. I guess I am just a sex addict. Or a ***** or a dirty ****. Call me what you will.… [more]

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    By: fadijp | Comments 3

  • runningallover - female

    I nearly slept with my boss

    from Sex confessions

    We had gone to an industry awards night and were drinking at our workplace afterwards celebrating some sucesses. He was about 38 at the time and married with kids to my 24 and casually dating. He had always been quite handsome and was a avid cyclist so was very fit, and looked gorgeous in his tux. drinking lead to flirting which lead to kissing and eventually my dress on the floor and me on my knees taking him in my mouth. things had progressed to the point where I wasn straddling him on the couch rubbing against his trim body ready to slip out of my panties when his txt alert went off and was one of his kids asking how the night went. We both got so hit with gult we dressed and called it a … [more]

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    By: runningallover | Comments 2

  • sensualbeauty1 - female

    The Sensual Beauty Rides Nude Across the Meadows

    from Sex confessions

    She rides the palomino with wild abandon her blonde hair blowing freely in the soft Summer wind, with the sunlight beating down upon her naked body. They look like mythical creatures as she holds onto his golden mane with all her might, with no saddle..she rides him bareback. They fly across the meadow that is filled with fragrant wildflowers. His gorgeous golden tail blowing out behind him like a brilliant banner of gold...The stallions body is magnificent a grand champion thoroughbred, he is built for endurance and speed. Such a truly beautiful creature, graceful, full of pride and amazing stamina. She feels his power beneath her vibrating throughout her body, his need to give his all and … [more]

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    By: sensualbeauty1 | Comments 3

  • boobear226 - 22-25 years old - female

    .. ....

    from Sex confessions

    Bla)hhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate you you smell and your scummy.and annoying....lets itttttt yea… [more]

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    By: boobear226 | Comments 0

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