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  • Anonymous

    Dear Beloved, Life often...

    from Love confessions

    Dear Beloved, Life often takes drastic turns. At times we may not know what is ahead. I have found solace in following your lead, confident that we are capable of facing whatever challenges may lie ahead. I look forward to spending an eternity with you. A compliment of you is what I strive to be. I am confident that we will live together for an indefinitely long time. Why? I love you. I love you in every sense of the word. I love you with warm and personal affection, as a close friend. I love you as a dear family member. I love you romantically. Most of all I love you with the strongest form of love, principled agape love; a love that is an unselfish concern for doing what is right and go… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 88

  • Meeoko - 18-21 years old - female

    I Don't Care If People Tell Me Not To!

    from Other confessions

    I went and bought a homeless man a sausageroll anyway! It's been raining non stop for four hours and all he had for shelter was a doorway and bits of newspaper! Besides, it's not like he can use a sausage roll to buy crack anyway (if that's the argument most people use). He went all teary eyed and said "God bless you, my darling", with a huge smile and because of that, I think it was totally worth it!… [more]

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    By: Meeoko | Comments 50

  • Anonymous

    you look creepy

    from Other confessions

    I hate it when men shave themselves completely. A man without any pubic hair is --- he looks like a mole rat!! I don't know whether to fukc that thing or feed it. Gives me the creeps.  Guys. a nice trim will do!! … [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 39

  • groundshaker - 26-30 years old - male

    Im Sorry Facebook

    from Love confessions

    I have a confession to make. Ive been cheating on Facebook with Experience Project. Im growing increasingly more in love with Ep everyday. It takes up all my time and its all I can think about. Im sorry Facebook. I didnt mean for you to find out like this. It just happened. One thing led to another. Hope in time you can forgive me.… [more]

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    By: groundshaker | Comments 14

  • Anonymous


    from Love confessions

    Close your eyes and come along with me. Clear everything from your mind. Tonight I want it to be just you and me. Let me be your only thought. Let us become hypnotized by each other’s love. As if in deep meditation your words soothe me, making me feel tranquil and free, the music of our hearts beating as one though many miles apart. Tonight my love we are one. Your love completes me. You are my life, my world. It is you and only you that I want. After joining our minds as one I feel so free, nothing in the world can stop me. I am invincible, you are my all. So tonight, my love, please complete me.… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 17

  • Anonymous

    I can't tell YOU

    from Love confessions

    I can't tell you, but I want to. More than anything right now, and for quite some time. I know it's silly, stupid, too soon, too much pressure, whatever. I do understand, that's why I'm writing this here anonymously so that I can at least get it off my chest for a while. We still haven't met in person, and in the back of my mind rests that question, will it matter to you? I believe it does, not only that I feel silly for having such strong emotions when we haven't met in person. However it doesn't change my mind, my feelings... none of it. Am I afraid of being disappointed? no, because you can't disappoint me, I know you are still imperfect, I am not putting you on to a pedestal because I … [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 45

  • Anonymous


    from Love confessions

    There's a reason why I love you. When I watch you do some of the things you do, it takes my breath away. The way you smile so naturally, the way you get lost in the beauty of everything around you, and the giving spirit of your soul... everything that makes you whole is the reason why I love you. It seems like the sun can't shine its brightest without you, nor can the rain shower the world with its healing power... unless you're in it. Your spirit is so comely it makes everything seem more beautiful, and when I watch you blend with your surroundings, it takes my breath away. There's a reason why I love you and that reason is because... you're you.… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 7

  • Anonymous

    When you sleep at night...

    from Love confessions

    In the middle of the night while you lay in bed, can you feel me? Can you feel my love, my spirit, my soul, holding you so close and tight, my fingers running through your hair as my lips caress the side of your neck... your shoulder. Feeling the longing for you, just to feel your skin against mine as we cuddle through the night. For you are a part of me as I am of you... and nothing or no one can separate what God brought together. I send you my astral body every night to be with you... hold you... love you like I always do. Till we can be together forever, I will send my astral body to you to be with you and protect you through the night against your fears, sorrow and pressure of life. All… [more]

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    By: Anonymous | Comments 24

  • cabinet - 41-45 years old

    Teens clothes are made for pedaphiles

    from Venting confessions

    I tried to take my fifteen year old daughter to buy shorts and Walmart. WTF? All they had for sale were these teeny tiny little hot pants, with like a centimeter of crotch I want my daughter going out in THAT? Yea, like I want to dress her for pediphiles enjoyment..why are all these teen clothes lately made for pedaphiles? These stupid little 3 inch skirts, these little ruffly skirts that make your teenager look like a giant two year old. why don't they just sell it with a pasafier? What about those little cotton hankerchiefs they call a dress. One gust of wind...what is wrong with clothing manufacturers, and most of all, what is wrong with parents who allow their daugh… [more]

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    By: cabinet | Comments 33

  • Lilt - 46-50 years old

    Too Creepy Not To Share

    from Revenge confessions

    So, I was in my kitchen this afternoon,  mixing up a brine to marinate some chicken.   There was a quiet knock on the back door.  Then another and another.  I washed the raw chicken off my hands and went to answer the door.  It was my son's pet chicken O_O… [more]

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    By: Lilt | Comments 64

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