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Chaotic Wolf (?????????? Dream)
Okay this is going to sound cliche but here goes.

As it started out I was a normal me, working with my dad up on the ranch near Superior Montana. I kept working on my motorcycle then finished and went out to hack up some trees with an axe like the old logger men used to.

When I finished getting a few chunks of wood I went back to dad's house and I went inside, then the dream seemed to fast forward a bit until suddenly I was running. I was running throuhgh the field I usually rode my dirtbike because it was chasing me. This massive, burly wolflike creature. I knew what it was, and I knew that it wanted to kill me and it would easily catch up to me, but inside.. I felt I could outrun it. I ran and I ran until I could run no more.

But.. like all good things, it ended. Suddenly it was ontop of me, pounced from behind and had me nailed to the ground tearing at my body. Flesh was torn from bone, limb from limb until I was in a heap then.. light. My dad was over me and I was healed, mostly. But I felt stronger, better, all over well. I sat up and realized something... it wasn't me. In place of my tan colored fingers I found clawss and dark haired hands. I looked behind to see a long tail, swishing about. I knew it. I had become that beast. My dad said we had to keep it secret and we loaded into a truck out front.

Surprisingly, it was a sunny day and while we drove I fuond the need to kill.. and I loved it. Everytime we passed a squirrel or dear I'd kill it. Just for the fun. I felt so alive until finally (this is where the dream completely throws me off, pretty much) we come across felines. Massive, powerful creatures of the night and I just blow throw them like they were paper.

I kept killing until I finally cooled down and forwarding time a bit because the dream faded and came into view again. Except now I was human form, and carrying a tree (Yes, odd I know) up to teh truck where dad used a chainsaw to rip it into smaller chunks, rather than a whole chord (one tree length, or log). Just then I changed again as it was loaded into the truck and sprinted into the forest, hearing dad and my step mom's shouts as I ran. I ran and ran until I came to an old.. warehouse-ish place with an oldstyle tin roof, and I leaped to the top of it. Here I found (wierdest part for the dream. I can explain everything except this..) kittens. Tons of them. Except.. they were evil, or so ipercieved when I woke up. I began to kill them as they tried to kill me, the last thing I rememeber from this odd delusion is one I grabbed by the neck as I jumped up, coming down and slamming it to the earth then waking up.

I'm not a killer nor insane. I do like power, so that explains the wolf and accepting it. I am strong (on the inside anyway) so that explains the tree so where the hell did the kittens come from? I don't know. Also I wanted to save this dream to see if I could explain it later, and here it will be saved so.. let's see what you all think of it.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:axe | beast | canine | cat | chainsaw | chunks | cliche | creatures of the night | dad | dirtbike

Dream Dictionary Type: ?????????? dream
Dream Posted on: 12/16/12
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