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i had a dream about 2 moon's one was a blood red moon and one was a pure white moon Side by Side together i was standing outside by a lake and the ground was filled with roses and the lake was full of red water almost like blood then there was a gust of wind that blew some flowers in the water and for some reason i was terrified
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:2 moons | blood red moon | blood red moon and one was a pure white moon side by side together | flowers | gust of wind | red water | roses | white moon

Dream Dictionary Type: 2 moon's dream
Dream Posted on: 10/23/12
Dream Interpretations: 4 dream interpretations
Dream Rating: 5.00
Reaction to this Dream: worried
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Posted on April 20th, 2013:
the book of genesis tells us that the stars an lights in the sky are for signs and seasons. I believe that they are used to communicate what Elohim intends to do warnings and so on. look up the four blood moons by john haggi spelling on his name be wrong. nassa has also predicted 4 blood moons starting next year i believe.just a thought the word also speeks of a time when a third of life will die the spirit is spoken of as wind or breath.the word also says the grass withers and the flower dies but His(Elohims words are forever.
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Posted on September 21st, 2013:
Though not always, moons are generally a motif of the feminine psyche---as is water.
The setting in this dream seems to be of a deeply emotional nature, perhaps the desire for profound emotional fulfillment and a slumbering desire of passion is at hand in the form and scenery. (as denoted by the lake) Deep red is typically the color of passion. Water, the metaphor of emotion depths, the source of which is well below the surface of the visible world. This, and most dreams emerge through the unconscious self to take on forms, and imagery, from within the dreamers entire being.---like water from deep within the earth.
That the lake is not a small body of water may be as equally important as the fullness of the moons and the flowers that are in full bloom. Thus, it is likely this dream is the apex experience of an important cycle.
The gust of wind ushers in the first whisper or stirrings as it were, of the change that is to come. The wind of change.
We have yet to determine why the two moons are so contrasted in intensity. I can only guess at this point. However, I suggest that the white moon denotes "purity" and the red "passion". While we have no indication that they are moving towards one another, it may be that the actual point of fulfillment in this dream cycle is, that when they do, the resulting moonlight would be ''pink" --considered by some to be the color of "Devotion"
You may have been frightened only by the profound emotional atmosphere impressed upon the conscious, unsuspecting self.
Of course it remains to you how you follow your dreams.
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Posted on October 6th, 2013:
I'm not sure I made it clear that the "pure white" moon and the "red" moon may be near to combining there respective illuminating colors at the peak of their traverse and, in that moment, would glow as "pink"
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Posted on December 10th, 2013:
Perhaps there's an unsettled conflict inside u. (Lime there's 1 inside me)
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