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Three Moons In The Sky (3 Moons Dream)
I was inside a builden a man ran in asking for a woman By name, after aswering the man he then ask if I'd looked out side . I turned to the window looked out it was a deary day yet the sun was shining bright, as i looked up I saw three moons very big the one which was in the middle looked as if it was hiding the sun behind it. I then began reached over the counter as if I was packing my thing to run away , it was then in my dream I realized I had no need for the things I was packing. i then felt the three moons were , the father the sun ,and the holy sprit. and the middle moon was the father as the moons began to move into the middle moon I woke up, and got down on my knees and prayed. I'm convenced it was God's way of telling me to take my place he's coming sooner than peolpe believe,and that I will not by no means enter heaven unsaved. or livung as other's out of the will of god. plz if you can help me to some hoe understand if what I believe this dream to be is real, not the dream but the message it self. Thank you.
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Dream Dictionary Type: 3 moons dream
Dream Posted on: 10/16/09
Dream Interpretations: 8 dream interpretations
Dream Rating: 4.75
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Posted on October 23rd, 2012:
I think your interpretation is accurate, that was my impression as well. One thing I would like to add is that you said the Sun was shining bright. That could also represent the SON and that his Love and Warmth will be there to light the way for us.
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Posted on May 26th, 2012:
Im not a religious man but I do believe in higher power. But I do not believe in a got reigning over us. But I too had a dream. Thats why I'm on here. Surprisingly plenty of people had a similar dream but someone else actually had the dream almost down to the T the way mines was. I dreamed of 3 moons. Dark sky no sun. But at one point one moon was covered in redish orange as if those were the colors of the clouds in front of it. first only 2 were visible till a 3 appeared. Their pace across the sky was fast compared to the pace of our moon. All 3 were huge and identical and at one point they aligned themselves closely together. No one in the dream would pay attention to the sky that I was pointing out. The surprising part was that across the sky there was also some find of ufo. But it felt that the importance was more on the 3 moons rather than the ufo. I had a weird feeling. Like a chaotic feeling. As if everything around was going to change. When I woke up I couldn't shake this feeling at all. And I still can't I feel this dream is important but dont know what to make of it. The person that had just about the same dream i did said the same thing. That when waking up they felt the dream was important. The only difference between my dream and theirs is that my dream I felt change and one of the moons briefly looked redish orange. In their dream they said that a a fiery bird or phoenix flew to one of the moons. Funny that the only firebird is a phoenix which is a symbol for change and rebirth. I really don't know what to make of this and I'm a very sound person but I have a eery feeling about this dream.
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Posted on December 2nd, 2011:
I wasn't extrememely bothered by this, I was just laying in bed and all of a sudden remembered, and said "my moon dream from this morning" it came back to me and I decided to look up an interpretation. I remember looking up and , my 3 moons also where aligning , and would change, get closer together, etc....also some strange phenomena flying in the sky in mine. No one in my dream would acknowledge mine either. I remember screaming do you people not realize the end of the world is happening!Do you not see the moons!. I am also not one of these end time dwellers, nothing like that, that just happened to be what I was babbling about in the dream. Of course it's not uncommon for people to ignore me in my dreams. Then I read the post date on the ones above and was a little baffled to see that they where recent, not from years ago. mine was last night/this morning
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Posted on March 2nd, 2013:
In my travels I have done some really messed up and wrong things, and for those things I don’t know why I’m having the dreams I’ve had. It all started in January of 2012…Here is the dreams in order, I have come to conclusion that God was trying to warn me by showing future events. Please take heed and know that Jesus is real, and he is coming soon…all that is left behind will suffer on the earth and then burn in hell for eternity.

Dream 1#: The stampede
It was a rainy day, all the sudden I felt so tired to the point where I had to lay down immediately. I had fallen asleep for 2 hours but that 2 hours felt like 8, I never woke up more refreshed in my life. The dream starts off with me being at my friend John’s house of which I had never been there before…, I had walked in and started to feel tired and asked him if I could lay down and take a nap, as I attempted to lay down I had the urgency to get up and look out the window as if something was wrong. As I looked out, I saw protesters circling my car in the rain..I look to my left and there is a little girl about the age of 5 holding a teddy bear in her night gown. I look at her and I tell her “Come on, lets pray”, as Im about to start praying with her, I have the sudden intuition to call my mother. As I reach for my phone, I drop it in the water and it no longer works. So I jump in my car, run over the protesters and run home knowing something is very wrong is about to happen. As im on the highway, there seemed to be about 300 cars speeding as if they are running from something, almost like an evacuation. I look to my right and I see all kinds of wild life running next to me, tigers, lions, giraffes. Then my car floats up and im going the speed of the tigers kind of like flying in the air. I finally make it to my town, and it is completely abandoned..I was out of gas so I pull into the gas station and it was dark, empty and none functional. The entire town had been deserted. I make it to my parents house, except it was my childhood home instead. Weird as that was, I get on the phone to call my parents and they walk in the door and look at my sister sleeping on the recliner telling her she could leave. There was something very sinister about the tone in my mothers voice. I woke up right after that, never feeling more spiritually awakened.

Dream 2#: The 12 moons
In this dream, I was in a stone built shack with my family in a foreign village. I don’t know why I was there but there was an abundance of chaos happening outside its doors, there were other families there too hiding out. I look out the window and the moon turned into 3 moons, I knew then that the world was ending and that the only thing I could do was pray and beg my family and others there to pray for forgiveness. I look out the window again and there were large rocks falling out of the sky and crashing into the ground and shelter where we were. They were killing so many people, and I did my best to protect my family. I look up at the sky again and the moons were multiplying, it went from 3, to 7, to 12. Then they would disappear and I thought “Oh I think everything going to be ok, the moons are leaving”. But they would always reappear, I was standing outside trying to see what was going on and I was dodging falling rocks while watching people get hurt and killed by them. I run back inside and the rocks were falling through the roof and my family was hiding underneath the cots while the huge rocks were bouncing off of the cot springs. I woke up after that.

Dream 3#: Alignment of the Stars and false UFO invasion
In this dream, it was very real and very confusing but this is the first time God finally showed himself to me. Everybody was standing outside in the dark looking at the sky, I was at an unfamiliar neighborhood with a lot of people I didn’t know. As I was looking up the sky, I saw 3 stars form a triangle slowly. My sister had come up behind me and whispered in my ear and told me “Oh it’s the alignment of the stars…” in a very nonchalant kind of way. I was very confused to what that meant, for I hadn’t read anything about it before this dream. Then I walk up the stairs on the porch of a house I didn’t know and see this man sitting and sweating, he looks up at me and says “ It’s the winter solstice”. I was still so very confused, I walk back out to the grass, and that is where 3 moons appeared in the sky. I was in amazement, couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All the sudden, this strange UFO type thing was flying around it. But in the dream I knew it wasn’t a real UFO, it was transparent and almost hologram –like. Then there was this bright gold cross that flashed in the sky, I didn’t feel it was Jesus. I felt it was all holograms to deceive us, that’s when God finally showed himself. I saw this gray haired man with a gray beard, his face was huge but you could only see the side view. It was coming across the sky slowly, I knew in the dream that is was the end of the world. I woke up after I saw the figure in the sky.

Dream 4#: The converging of the 2 moons and the sun
In this dream, I was riding in an SUV with the door open looking for something in the sky. All the sudden I see 2 on each side of the bright sun. They were about to converge, I then look at my sister and say “ Do you believe in Jesus now?” Then I woke up.

Dream 5#: Extreme Super moon
In this dream, I was riding in the car with my sister and we were evacuating the area due to a natural disaster coming. It was night time and I look up at the sky and moon was soo close to us, it was 10 times bigger than any super moon we’ve ever had. It was also so bright, it almost blinded me. I remember in the dream thinking the time was near. Then I woke up.

Dream 6#: 3 moons and despair
In this dream, I remember running all over town at night trying to get some things done. Then I look up and see that there is 3 moons and I remember thinking to myself “why am I even worrying about doing this stuff, the time has come”. Everyone around me was acting like nothing was going on but I kept running around with a piece of paper in my hand that I just let go due to the fact I knew we were all going to be extinct soon.

Dream 7#: 10 planets visible and aligned in daylight
In this dream, I was looking up at the sky expecting to see 3 moons but instead I saw all the planets aligned in a perfect row across the sky. There were 10 planets to be exact, I remember there were a few blue earth like ones, and a few Saturn looking ones…I wasn’t freaked out for in my dream I remembered the other dreams and was prepared. Then I woke up.

Dream 8#: Seeing multiple moons and and taking heed
In this dream, I was in school (college)..I had went to the classroom and remember the number on the door said 666. I walked in and the teacher said I was late and I had to leave. I felt scared and left as soon as I could. I was walking on the beach to my friends beach house and I looked up at the sky and saw the moon, then I look to my right and saw another planet or moon, then saw about 4 planets or moons in the sky all different spots in the sky..I freaked..I knew in the dream I had been warned in previous dreams and to run to safety. I run to my friends house, and she and her 2 kids were outside on the deck. I tell her that we all need to get inside before its too late. Then I woke up.

Dream 10: The Transparent orange planet
In this dream, Im looking up into the sky and I see the moon then I see a huge transparent orange planet/moon right near it..I freaked and knew that it really was the final count down. Then I woke up.
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Posted on January 29th, 2013:
I also had a dream about 3moons then later UFO lights.I wake-up thinking this dream comes from God. I.wake-up thinking this dream is important so i decided to look it up and to my surprise others have had a similar dream.
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Posted on August 14th, 2012:
the three moon dream is a showing you of supernatural realm which you need to be aware of when involving your life. three moons are also moons of the other universe.
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Posted on March 14th, 2011:
Hi There,

I dream somewhat similiar to you. In my dream, I looked out of my roof and saw 3 sign cyclone cloud on the evening sky. First cyclone started to fade away, the middle had just turning fast, and the third cyclone had starting to appear.

I believe this is a sign of the age. It means the world have entering the second sign and will be ready for the third sign.

Be prepare and believe JESUS before the third sign.

Taurus man.
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Posted on May 26th, 2012:
Hello Everyone, i have also had a "three moon" dream but it was about 15yrs ago! I still remember it like it happened last night because it one of the vivid and meaningfull dreams of my life! To get started, i was wondering around old sumwhat familiar buildings with the intention of stealing things from them so i could show them off to others! after a couple of houses With new clothes, jewlery, and anything else i could hold, i exit the house to go show off "My" new things. I walk from door to door but all signs of life are gone. No one left but me. There was nobody around to show off to! after a couple of houses i realize that ive been Left Behind! Scared, I ran calling out to my older brother Allen, but no response. Then i lookes toward the sky and notices the moon was changing from light color to dark. Then it split into three seperate moons all different sizes "lrg/med/sml with the texture of dried up mud "all craked up and pulled apart. I woke up just after this still calling out to my brother. After calming down "Now Awake" i realize that i dont need "things" nor the acceptance of others! Just Me And God is enough to get me through life! as for the Three Moons im still a bit puzzled, ive seen lots of others with similar dreams and most of the time they are in the middle of a life changing event! God Speaks to us trough our dreams as well as in our daily life, its up to us to find "ask" him for the meanings and have faith that we will know his Plan for our lives! Thanks for reading and comment if you have also been Left Behind!
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