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I had a dream last night that I was in my grandparents living room and this beautiful little boy kept running around. I was sitting on the floor, and I grabbed him so that he could sit down. His little legs sat on top of mine and he stayed there as we watched TV for a couple of minutes. Then he just got up and started running around again.

This dream was interesting because i've been praying to see what my son would look like when I had him, but could it mean something else?
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Dream Dictionary Type: a child dream
Dream Posted on: 03/15/11
Dream Interpretations: 4 dream interpretations
Dream Rating: 4.50
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Posted on October 2nd, 2012:
Me too ,i had the same dream ,i dreamt i was holding my son in my arms 5 years before he was even born ,and not only that i was holding him in the very apartment that i didnt even move into until 2 years later ,in the dream i didnt know where i was or what i was doing holding a baby in my arms when it appeared in the dream that i was still living with my mother ,lo and behold that dream became an actual reality , we had moved into an apartment in South Jersey in 1991 and so help me that apartment looked exactly like it did in the dream , and not long before i had gotten pregnant i was working in a burger king restaurant ,i had another dream that i saw my self walking towards myself holding a baby in my arms dressed in a yellow stretch outfit and i was dressed in burger king attire , after i myson was born i came home from work one night and my mother handed him to me ,i still had my uniform on ,i looked in the mirror and i saw exactly what was in my dream,me holding my infant son and he had on a yellow stretch outfit and i was wearing a burger king uniform ,isent that a kick in the head?
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Posted on October 2nd, 2012:
Well # 1 do you believe in God? In the bible God talked to his chosen ones through dreams. Warnings n things that are to come come in the forms of dreams that's why we have them because our bodies are in a restful state!
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Posted on May 19th, 2012:
I too dreamt of my kids bfore I had them. My first I had a dream of two weeks bfore I found out I was preg. It was of a two yr old with blonde blonde hair n sapphire blue eyes. Never showed in the sonogram wat the sex was sure enuff wen that baby was born it was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes just like my dream. My son the same had a dream a week bfore I found out I was preg wit him. And my youngest had a dream a week bfore finding out what sex she was that she was going to b a girl. I even had a dream of my friend s daughter and what shed lookk like a month before she found out she was preggerZ crazy right??? So it it very much a possibilty that cud be ur baby boy waitn to com into the world..good luck:-)
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Posted on March 15th, 2011:
2 months prior to my 2nd pregnancy I had a similar dream about meeting my daughter before even her conception! Skylee is now 16 months... and I am here to tell you
it WAS HER. down to the eye color striations in her iris and the cute little water fountain ponytail I usually puton top her head.
My first child was in the dream as well, this is how I am sure of it, cause he was calling her "sisssssy-foo". and if you only knew the inside joke we have now.... for calling number 2 or poop as "foo-foo stinkyz".
so in this dream when Rylan was less than 2 years old and at that point had a very limited vocab (like 10 words) n didnt start potty training til 3yrs old...
i believe, my dream was able to glimpse into time and I was blessed enough to remember and recall this dream, and specifically remember him calling her "sissy-foo".
too strange to be wrong, huh?
i feel dreams like these are true blesssings
even if you arent as religious to pick up a bible, I completely believe your future child, does have the ability to visit you while u dream.
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