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Someone I Never Knew (A Guy Dream)
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Well first off I am a Christian soo ya,

"Well my dream starts off with my parents sending me off somewhere,I remember being in a white classroom and attending school, {where ever I was}, I remeber I was looking at all the classmates there,but one guy seem to have caught my eye {He had black hair,very pale,skinny},it felt as though he was burning a whole on the side of my face, but always trying to get a chance to look in my eyes,the only thing I noticed though was that he had these evil pitch black eyes,it was like a gate way to hell,I closed my eyes,{since it says in the bible that the eyes are the gateway to your soul},When class was soon finally over,the exit way some how came out from a lake,everyone took a min. to look,while I was looking, I noticed he was still staring so I got scared and started to walk to where I was staying,while this was going on {I was around 15 in my dream by the way),these scenes of his life when he was 5,10,& 15, when he was 5 he was able to see me, his parents were at some Hittler praising thing,he just woke up and got scared I tried to comfort him but his parents got home they couldn't see me but he could,when he told his dad I was there,but had a white cover upon me,his dad got furiouse!& started to rebuke me in some kind of Satanic Language. Then I appeared when he was 10,he didn't see me this time,so I peeked in this room that he was in with his parents,they had these santanic statues everywhere,the evil santanic star with a circle around it made by candles,and just praising the Devil, I got scared,and his dad told him, "Praise your Creator!" And smacked him,and then I appeared when he was 15,he had tattoos all over his arms and chest,he had some peircings,and still had black eyes,"oh and during those scenes,I would always come when he didn't want to do satanic things",when he turened 15 he ran away from home,{and then found me},this one part of the dream confused me,but I was riding a giraffe to school,{i looked online to see what a giraffe means,and it means "to Meddle into to the affairs of others",{oh and he ran away cause he was abused},while i was riding the giraffe he kept trying to jump on to try and get me,but i pushed him off just in time,{remeber that it wasn't just me riding a giraffe it was all my classmates,but he kept wanting to jump on mine},while school was over yet once again,I was walking home {it ws night time},I stoped under a light,cause I saw him coming towards me,and stayed under the white light,he smiled at me,but in a creepy way,and tried to look in my eyes again,but this time my soul was strong enough to look right back,he asked my name,and i asked his, I dont really remember but i think he said it was Jeremy,,I was kinda like his guidence towards God {since he thought he knew me from somewhere},I asked why he was the way he was,and told him all about God,he seemed curious at first but then he smiles again at me and said Dont worry about me,I'll be fine,and then all of a sudden these black hands started to drag him in,And I started shouting,"NO,NO DONT GO",and then i woke up..."
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Dream Dictionary Type: A guy dream
Dream Posted on: 06/29/10
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
Dream Rating: 5.00
Reaction to this Dream: overwhelmed
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Posted on November 20th, 2013:
You and your classmates on a giraffe (Christians meddling in the affairs of others). If you are very religious and have grown up with fearful stories of satan and hell, I think that this dream was meant to wake you up from that reality and stop judging others so harshly if they are not of your religion. throughout the dream you keep judging him and being afraid. But at the end when he looks in your eyes, you realize that he is human and that there is nothing to fear, you want him to stay. he doesnt need your help (I'll be fine, he says) but you need him. This dream is a portal to your spiritual awakening, letting you know that it is okay to love, trust, and embrace others who are not of your religious faith.
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