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I have been having a recurring nightmare for the past three or four months. The nightmare is frustrating; I can't remember the details. If I try to remember it my ears start to ring, very badly. I feel mildly light headed.

When I awake from the dream, my ears are always ringing. I am briefly paralyzed until I can force myself out of it (lasts about five to six seconds).

What pieces I know about the dream are an unusual cloud of white lights. It looks as if someone was projecting a holographic image of stars around me. There is a face, it is vaguely pale and I cannot see it directly. There is a sound, a thousand tiny bells or chimes, it is behaving as though someone was trying to speak through it. I cannot understand it and it means nothing to me.

Sometimes I can see something metallic. Isn't familiar in shape, I can't identify it. There is a fog at all times, obstructing and confusing. I do not feel concern at first, only confusion. Then eventually the cloud of stars begins to take common shapes and seem aggressive or hostile. What appears to be the deformed version of familiar predators which I am familiar with. That part feels like my brain just playing with the images in front of it, I know it isn't part of the dream but instead it is my attempt to compensate for that which I do not understand.

When I awaken from the dream I have a distinct sensation of paralysis. It lasts for five to six seconds before I can overcome it. It is distinct; this is not a sensation where I realize I cannot move. It feels exactly like I've just recovered from a powerful electrical shock and my nerves are overloaded.

Sometimes I can feel the vague sense of a presence. Not in the idealistic sense but in the literal I feel the warmth of skin near my own skin. At first this made me incredibly anxious because I thought someone had broken into my apartment while I was asleep and jarred me out of a dream. I awoke at the sensation of feeling as though something was tugging at my leg or arm. I resisted and I felt myself break free after I applied force.

I know it is not a person in there room, the door is locked. Even if it weren't the first time I reacted with a weapon they'd have taken the hint.

I do not believe in ghosts, demons or anything supernatural at all, really. I realize this is likely a strange psychological response in my mind to this dream. Yet I cannot fathom why it is happening.

Every time, I feel as if I am trying to understand something. It is important to me but I cannot comprehend it. So then my mind just goes off randomly into nightmare mode. I've gotten vague control to halt the nightmare progression, but at that point the dream is almost lucid. I am not asleep, or out of control. Yet I cannot wake up, I cannot return to my bed until the blackout happens.

The singular most frustrating component of all of this is the fact that I cannot focus on the memories to try to find real detail. If I do, my ears begin to ring. I feel that vague sensation of the electrical shock return. Then I am forced to stop because I reach a brink where I feel as if I may pass out.

Is this just some kind of sleep paralysis gone goofy with my imagination? Has anyone else ever experienced this with something like sleep apnea or another symptom I should ask a doctor about?
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Dream Posted on: 04/06/10
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