Alien Invasion Movie (after Drinking V8 Juice) | Aliens, Pregnancy Dream Interpretations

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It was kinda like I was watching a movie. But I wasn't. I don't know. So there's like this huge science lab...and apparently this "scientist" get pregnant from another "scientist" but she's human and even though he looks human he's really an alien. She lays these egg things. And somehow the aliens god got switched with ours so the aliens god was on earth and ours was somewhere else. They did this weird dance thing that resembled an African tribal Dance for fertility over a sparkly toilet and the male that got the female pregnant was dressed up in sparkly stuff and was dancing. Then the lab thing which had a mind of it's own or something realized that they had alien eggs. And it flipped saying the human woman (who looked like the Russian lady from the avengers) ruined the babies. It takes the eggs and lays out all these another scientist lady secretly takes an egg to examine. It's creepy cuz the parents come to look at the eggs and they are in this sappy love scene. And then all hell breaks loose. And somehow it's a lil zombie apocalypse. So they were in this pantry thing with a bunch of army dudes and this alien baby came in and started biting this one guy who started biting another and they got shot at. Outside all these alien ships that look like Lokis are shooting down our weird neon green flying saucers. For some reason I want this to happen because they're supposed to be helping us. There's all these explosions that continue for a while. And then we switch over to school which looks like a grocery store. And then we went to history class which looked like my 5th grade science room and I was late and my friend handed me a glass bowl of matzo ball soup and I ate it. then we had to take a super duper long test and this kid i knew from elementary school came in and was writing things on the board so I yelled at him. And I didn't know any of the answers. My friend's mom came and took us somewhere, I think Wendy's. But we just sat in the car outside of Wendy's. The sky was dark and gray and a very awkward color. Suddenly we were all back in a room that had my color carpet from my old house. Somebody told us to jog around in it do we would be able to run when the zombie apocalypse hit. We jogged around the room a few times...go back to the lab. We had managed to open the wall and it was green and swirly and thus weird face popped out. It was the aliens god. He wanted to go back to his own world, too, because he was switched with our god. He gave us instructions for something. There were more explosions in the lab as all these weird creature things came. I skipped through it like it was a DVD. The alien babies got destroyed in a blast so they didn't concern anyone. All the zombie people were killed. There were these lines in the ceiling that these creatures kept syncing up to it and exploding. But nothing happened. Finally there was this copper one that came and it swirled and it was a little green and it synced up and exploded and everything changed. We saw our god on the wall. The sky began to turn blue. But we had to Sync that big copper thing to the cieling. our god's Nose and smiling mouth could be seen on the wall, And suddenly a big eye opened on a wall and we al started rejoicing cuz our god was back. We started dancing to some music like a bollywood movie and then the end

I had drank some v8 vegetable juice before bed, hence this really freaky and messed up dream. The moral of the story is not to drink v8 juice before bed
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Dream Dictionary Type: Aliens, pregnancy dream
Dream Posted on: 12/01/12
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