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Baby Turning Into Doll Parts (Aliens; Baby Dream)
I don't remember a lot of my dreams unless they become lucid. I have a lot of dreams where I know I am dreaming and may have some control, but never full control over what's happening or my actions.

I took a nap this afternoon and had a pretty weird dream. It started off, as I was falling asleep, with aliens. They weren't the typical "little green men" aliens, but instead big lizard creatures with green skin. My friend and I were surrounded by them and somehow became aliens ourselves (I'm a little fuzzy on the details). However, to everyone else, we looked human, like we were before our abductions.

We went to a party in a park. This is where I realized I was dreaming (the aliens, apparently, didn't tip me off, haha). We were drinking punch or something when there are suddenly sirens heard from all directions. It's incredibly likely that I heard sirens through my dream outside my apartment, on the street.

Anyway, my friend and I go to leave the park when there is an Indian woman and her boyfriend or husband holding a baby. We start talking. The woman tells me she was watching the baby for her sister and that she is going across the street to bring the baby home. For some reason, I tell her I will do it and I take the baby. Neither the couple nor the baby is not distressed by this action at all.

I cross the street with my friend and the baby. The couple crosses the street behind us, at a distance. My friend and I are stopped by a police woman. She says she'll give us all a ride home (including the couple who have since met up with us).

I sit in the front of the police cruiser. It's more like an SUV or van, though. I'm holding the baby in my lap when I have this idea to put the baby in the big, open pocket of my bag. The baby fits fine, its head and arms sticking out, and I hold onto it as we drive.

We're stopped at a red light and the police woman asks to see the baby. The entire time we're driving, I feel very nervous about the police woman figuring out I am actually an alien. I reach in the bag, still feeling like I'd been caught doing something wrong (even though it doesn't really seem wrong in the dream since no one is protesting my dream actions). The baby is no longer human, but instead parts of a doll. I pull out the plastic parts... an arm, a leg, the torso, and so on and hand them to the police officer. The parts are the size of the baby and the face resembles the baby, but they are clearly plastic and have the connections at the hip, shoulders, and neck that dolls have. I had to reach far into my bag to find everything.

We drop off the couple who was with us, wave goodbye.

At this point, because I've recognized that I'm dreaming, I feel a little weird about everything that's happened, especially taking the baby and it turning into doll parts.

We pull into my friend's driveway. I live in Manhattan now, but the dream, apparently, takes place where I grew up, in Massachusetts. My friend waves and I can see the green alien she is for a second. Then, I woke up.

Any clue as to what this means? It freaked me out a bit. Thanks in advance.
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Dream Posted on: 03/31/10
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