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Black Box (Angels? Dream)
This is old dream I could never figure out; I'm walking on the sidewalk of the then apartment complex I was living in. To the left is the field where a large birch tree had a wodden bench built around it. To the right is the fenced off pool area. I'm walking northwards towards an area with three apartment buildings forming a squared off 'u' shape. There were only two floors to these buildings. The middle building, overlooking the courtyard, was where I saw a little boy, about 9-11, lazily hanging out the second story window. Left side of the main door to the inside of the building. "I have something for you" he's telling me. "What is it?" He tosses a box to me, which as it floats, it turns black and there is no opening to it. "...How do I open it? There's no opening" I'm turning it on all sides to examine it. "Just take it! And you better go, they're waiting for you." "Who is?" "THEY are, just hurry!" So I turn around, walking back the way I came. This time, the field where the tree and bench are, are a bunch of kids playing with a soccer ball. I'm focusing on the box which a ball thus distracts me when it knocks into my foot. I kick it back and start to play a little. No more than a few minutes later a human boy runs up to me. "You better go, it's getting dark. They're waiting for you." "Oh yeah!" I walk past the field, to my left, by the pool area, is the main office/club house. To the right is the building I live in. I turn a sharp right and face 5 buildings, again in the typical squared 'u' shape. The middle building, of three in a row, is where two men are standing. They are talking, they are angels. The man on the left of me seems to be of high rank and the one on the right of me is of lower. They don't show wings but I know they are angels. To the man on the left, who seems like a general, I walk up to and tug on his coat a little to catch his attention. I'm looking down at the box. "Uhm.. I have this box and I dont know how to open it. There's no opening." He seems to have smiled at me, gently pats my head, and says "You don't know now but you'll learn. You'll open it soon." A disruption occurs when we all sense an even higher ranked presence enter the building, whose porch we are standing at. It's like 'headquarters' or something. The General type angel is bothered a little and he hurries inside. The other man walks behind me, down the two steps, pulling my sleeve to follow him. It seems they're not allowed to directly interact with me, or humans period. This man, this angel, and I hurredly walks to the end of the 'u' shape, to the building at the end. It's grown darker out, it seems like around 7-8pm. With only porch light to see, we sit down while the man takes out a notebook and pencil. "Write these down and don't forget them. Now hurry!" So am to make two coloumns, two lists of 5 things each. Which they correspond to eachother. I don't remember them all, in the dream, but I what I recall writing in the dream is as follows. From top to bottom, starting with the first two to the last two are; Blank - Shrilililili, Blank - Blank, Blank - Symbols, EELEEL - without gruel, Shak[r]a - Seal of Solomon. I remember specifically with Shrilililili that I added an extra li but I was told "No! Don't write that, erase it! Now!" When I woke up I didn't think too much of it or write anything down because I never write anything down for my dreams. About a week later I was back on that porch, like a week had also passed in the dream world. The same angel was there and asked "Did you write them down?" "Uh.. no, I didn't" "Do you remember any of them?" "No..." "Well sit down and rewrite them! Write them down and don't forget!" So I sat and wrote them down. When I woke up I wrote them down that time. I've researched the things on the list that I can remember but I think I'm not looking in the right places. The first time I researched I found hinduism which I never read about before. Second, third, and so forth times I would find other little things different. I'm not sure if the angels were fallen or not, but I know they were angels period. That's the last dream that I recall that has ever had major significance to me.
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Dream Dictionary Type: Angels? dream
Dream Posted on: 04/09/10
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Posted on April 11th, 2010:
Amazing dream. I am guessing more insights will come--in future dreams, as more details come to you or as you continue to research what you know so far. It sounds like this could be a time of transformation for you. You have a gift but not all the information you need on how to use it. Children seem to play a role. They also represent innocence, and there is an innocent quality to your search in the dream. Have you tried any "automatic writing?" It might help you unlock some of those mysteries that still remain from this dream.
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