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Different Animals Biting My Hand (Animals Biting Dream)
I keep having re-occurring dreams of animals biting me in the hand. It has been different animals. Dogs, cats, rats, spiders, wolves, cougars etc. Every time they bite me it's always on my hand, it's usually my left hand but has been my right hand at times and I can always feel the pain of the bite. What would this mean?
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Dream Dictionary Type: Animals biting dream
Dream Posted on: 12/01/10
Dream Interpretations: 2 dream interpretations
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Posted on December 1st, 2010:
Any time you see an animal, insect etc in dream, it is speaking about the Attributes within you. Any time an animal or insect is aggressive towards you, bites you, or intimidates you, means that you lack whatever attributes the animals have which represent YOU within.

The dog represents unconditional love, loyalty, protection companionship etc. The dog bites you, means you lack this attributes.

Cats represents unconditional love, and the ability to fight back when needed. You don't protect yourself in real life.

The spider is about how you are "weaving" [living] life. You are not living life you are existing in life.

Rats represents the ability to adapt to any living situation.
you are not doing this very well.

Wolves are the same as dogs

Cougars represent self power, strength and courage
you lack in this area as well

You need a lot of healing from the wounds you have received because of life. This is what your dream is telling you..

Hugs to you!
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Posted on December 2nd, 2010:
The dream is a symbolic message about certain negative aspects of your personality effecting your feelings, or your ability to feel confident and do what you want.

The dogs symbolize issues that cause a loss of self-control over your instincts and urges. Usually for sex thoughts, or for losing your temper.

The cats symbolize illusions you have. Things you think that just make you feel better about yourself. They are self-deception and often point to feeling sorry for yourself, feeling sorry for others, sexual fantasies about people you've never been with, delusions you need to believe in, or anything that makes you feel safe or loved.

The spiders are irrational thoughts that trap you. Things you think that prevent you from being a happier and more powerful person. Bad habits, self-defeat that just keep you away from what you really want to do in life.

The wolves most likely symbolize your feelings of vulnerability. But they can also point to tendencies to "go it alone"

To dream of a cougar represents intuitive aggression. It's awareness, keen perception, paying very close attention to someone or something in your waking life. Often something or someone you don't trust. You may also be observing or hunting for weakness before you make a move.

The whole dream is telling you that all of these kinds of thoughts are effecting you mentally or emotionally. The animals biting your hand symbolizes these types of thoughts effecting your ability to believe you are able to do what you want. A hand in a dream points to competence and confidence in your abilities and so these animals attacking your hand points to issues that are making you feel less confident and capable.

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