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The 3 Anmials (Anmials Dream)
I had a very powerful dream last night in 3 phases.

The Tiger

The Orca Whale

The Black And White Wolf

The first phase of the dream starts at some sort of castle. As walking around the premise with some strange man who I had known in the dream, we encountered a dark cave like area in a rock wall. As we started to walk by a monstrous tiger who seemed to have skin made out of rock came out and started to chase us. Now this part of the dream was the only part where I was more than myself. I has a strange ability to think myself a max distance of about 15 yards in any direction. as well as the stranger I was with. Soon we were able to think our self away fast enough from the one tiger. As soon as we got away from the beast, we mistakenly thought our self's right into a pride of lion tiger like rock beasts. The chase was somewhat imaginable. It happened so fast and was so action packed. We were jumping so quickly all over the place with our teleport ability that in one point in this dream ,my consciousnesses went to an outside perspective of myself to observe myself trying to escape from all the beasts. They were a lot harder to get away from. Stronger, faster and more persistent. In the end though we found safety by scaling the big castle wall into a window in the castle. again kind of by a teleport ability.

The second part of my dream was much more of a calm and relaxing sort. I was in my house. My room looking out my window which overlooks the backyard. It was sunny and nice and my pool was open. Only thing strange was there were 4 Orcas or killer whales in my pool. I remember being concerned about the lack of room for them, so i went into the yard and gave them more water by filling up the pool more with a hose. They were pretty cool and seemed to appreciate it. I went back to my room which is on the second story to overlook them again and I saw one of the whales scurry back into the pool. I assumed in my dream that the whale tried the smaller frog pond on the side of my house where I couldn't see from my room. As I went outside again to tend to the whales phase 3 began

Phase 3 was kinda strange and saddening for me. I went outside and all of a sudden it was winter. There was about 2 feet of snow on the ground. It was day time. As I came out the back door I looked to my right and saw a monstrous black and white wolf. It frightened me. I was safe though due to there being a big fence around my yard. As long as I could close the gate which was open we were good. I ran to the gate and stumbled through the snow. Once I was there I tried closing the gate but the snow on the ground was too high to get it to close all the way. By this point the wolf had seen me and proceeded to the gate so I ran to the end of the backyard. There I met my sister and her friend on the pool deck, the orcas were gone at this point. I explained to them that the wolf was coming but they didn't seem phased. As i looked back the wolf was in my yard. looking in my house through a sliding glass door which could have been easily destroyed by the wolf. I feared for my family inside. Just when I thought the worst, me and the wolf made a connection. I looked into its eyes. It gazed back. It reminded me of my dog who had died a few years ago who i loved soo much. As that happen my sister jumped off the deck and was now on the ground. The wolf ran towards her. Thinking quickly I broke a piece of wood off the deck leaving a sharp point and jumped on the ground to protect my sister. Her friend just stayed on the deck. As the wolf came closer to my sister, without thinking I instinctively plunged at the wolf with my spear to protect her. I stabbed the wolf in its mid section. The wolf cried. I was stunned. Not long after, my sister starts to chastise me for what I had done. The wolf was harmless. I did not know it wouldn't harm us. As the wolf lay there dying my heart broke as i realized what I did. I started to cry as it looked up at me with its sad helpless eyes. It was so intense. Realizing what I did I wanted to hug the wolf and hold it till it passed on. I remember at this point having so much regret for what I did. As I lay there holding the poor creature it looked up at me. all of a sudden the wolf had transformed into a wounded brown dog. My dream ended with me walking into the abyss carrying my poor wounded dog. it never died in my dream because I woke up, but it surly would have if I didn't wake up.

I woke up almost in tears for what I did in my dream, and am now posting this so someone can help me interpret this. I have never killed anything in my dreams before unless they were evil monsterous creatures. Please if anyone can lend some guidance into this dream I would very much appreciated it
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:anmials | beast | beasts | being chased | black and white | castle wall | chase | dark cave | death | frog

Dream Dictionary Type: Anmials dream
Dream Posted on: 11/24/12
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