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Glass Ocean (Astral Travel Dream)
This came to me many years ago, when I still wore a younger mans clothes. I was taken to the edge of earths astral plane to where the crystal sea met the land. At the crescent coast between the strong contrast of green and blue sat a glass city. It felt more like an airport, however, in nature. It was a place of transition. A black man in a uniform smiled at me in the main lobby as the many people moved about tending to there own business. I sensed he knew that I was not supposed to be here. He let me go on my way though. As I passed through the airport the foundation of the dream shifted, its archetypal energy transformed and different dream was born entirely. That dream is written below. I ponder sometimes whether this harbor town is a mechanism inlaid into the fabric of the archetypal forces that gave form to the world. The face of it shifts over time as we evolve and our culture paints over the walls of the astral plane but the clockwork... never changes.

There was a girl I once met while I dreamed,

from a time long ago…

On some far off and distant plane

Where broken and shattered remnants of places yet to be

washed up on the shore.

I was a stranger but not unwelcome it seemed,

though perhaps somewhat ignored.

So I watched as she and the children continued to play,

careful not to step on the bottle caps, sharp stones, and glass

that littered the sandy floor.

I followed behind them curious and careful, wondering as to exactly

where I was, as the children still laughing and playing

but with a purpose ran down to the waters edge to search the shallows for the shinning but shattered remnants of civilizations yet to come

and of those long past.

Now, they looked young… but there age was deceiving.

for the lives of these children were much longer than ours

and there hearts hid a strength and a wisdom unlike any child you might know.

Then, suddenly I saw without question

on this island these children were the treasure!

One boy, not the oldest but a little taller lagged behind –

He was mindful and cautious though I'm not sure just why…

I got the impression that he was there leader, by the way he watched out for the rest.

Then between two large rocks he stopped and stood standing

and glanced back over his shoulder at me.

That's when I saw in his eye's a knowledge, a knowing, a lore

that the others didn't seem to possess, and when he spoke his words were

sharp and crisp and clearer but

lacked the humor of those he was with.

Hard I tried but failed to understand him, and seeing that he turned to let me pass.

And suddenly I saw her silently standing

her feet just inside the water, away from the others… in the sand.

Though her face was down and her eye's softly searching,

it was clear she'd no desire for the shinny and shattered remnants

that littered the land.

Her hair was a sun-bleached buff or brownish blonde. Her eye's had a sky'ish hue,

like the color of the 'glittering glass ocean' that stretched into the beyond.

She wore simple garments tied loosely around her waste and over her shoulder.

She was small, her face lightly freckled and her skin

the color of dark desert sand.

As I drew near her a quick glance, a flash of her eye's and a slight soft smile

got shyly cast my way,

as she tucked her hair with her hand.

She then looked up toward and behind me

at the other children in the sand.

They all started running, still cheerful and happy

as though they were called by some unseen something,

back down the path between the two boulders

and over the hills that had hidden this beach

from the land.

Suddenly she hasted toward them, toward the taller boy who watched out for rest, trying not to slip or stumble on the debris beneath her. She would if she could have cried out loud, but she couldn't…All she could do was reach, panicked, with an outstretched hand for the boy who watched out for the rest. And for a moment – he waited.

But the look on his face clearly stated, she'd have to learn to take care of herself.

And with a motion, as though to have us follow, he turned and walked down the path after those who'd already left. I could sense the fear welling up within her, but before the tears could come something in my heart suddenly quickened, I believe that was the moment I fell… Without taking thought I took her by the hand and lifted her up to carry her, over the shattered remainders and out of the sand.

We reached the trail beyond the two boulders and over the hill that had hidden the beach from the land. She clung to me tightly, her arms around my neck, her head on my shoulder, and I hadn't the heart to let her down.

So I carried her onward, down the path,

and toward the children up ahead.

When we caught up, the path had ended at a grassy field

where the children had crossed a brook and climbed a fence

to look down upon an ancient town that had a harbor

where ships brought travelers from the far off and distant shores of places long forgotten and of those yet to come.

I sat her down her down on a stone near the brook,

with every intention of returning, and though she couldn't speak her look said quite clearly "don't go."

And I wouldn't have…

If I had known…

It was when I climbed the fence that I realized that some of these travelers,

these traders were from where I needed to go,

and that I was so far from my home!

Two hundred thousand years or more!

But I wouldn't have left if I had known.

When I glanced back she was gone, and the children… gone with her.

And just like that I was home.

I ran back to the grassy field

But the fence and the brook and the beach

They were long gone.

I could feel her presence still beside me,

but we were divided by time.

And there we both stood standing –

Divided, together,

On far off and distant shores.

So should someday in your far off travels

In the dreamy hereafter, find yourself in those never-lands and happen across that boy and girl,

Tell him each day I move further to become him, to posses his lore and his knowing.

And tell her, I love her. A force beyond time unites us and I will not leave this sphere without her nor venture beyond the glittering glass ocean but rather I will linger behind so that we may stand forever and watch over together, the children who play at the waters edge and sift the shinning but shattered remainders of those far off and distant lands.
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Dream Dictionary Type: Astral Travel dream
Dream Posted on: 11/29/12
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Posted on November 1st, 2014:
Beautiful. I don't want to analyze your dream. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing it.
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