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Horrifying Killer Whales (Attacking, Horror Dream)
I was with My husband in this place i had never been before...It had docks for boats that were much higher than usual docks and there were docks that crossed over each other and lead to higher ones, we were there to go fishing in the ocean but i did not partake in fishing. instead i watched my husband fish and decided to go for a swim i jumped in the water but started to complain how foul the water was and how it smelled like sewage and got out, for some reason i was very upset about this and stormed away from my husband to another part of the docks where there were some children. This part of the docks were floating docks ( sort of like floating bridges if you have ever seen one) and they floated right on the water without going under . I was talking to one of the children about the foul water i believe when suddenly a Killer whale came from beneath the dock and knocked me and the children into the water. Once we were in the water it started to push the children one by one under the water but dint drown the for some reason but it was being malicious. I watched in horor, i wanted to swim to safety but i couldn't let it hurt the kids so i grabbed onto what was left of the side of the dock and reached out the a child desperately trying to save its life when a baby killer whale pushed her under too. for some reason i suddenly got and sky view of the water and there were sharks coming in the distance too and i knew we HAD to GET OUT of the water! i was so scared! I Pushed a child to safety and he ran but just as i did the Mama Killer whale pushed me up onto its nose and threw me into the air with a spray of water and i couldn't see who but someone ( a female voice ) yelled CHRISTINE!! I heard it as I started to crash down on the water , then the whale pushed me under the water with its massive head and i could not breath but i got pushed up the side of its head from it trying to quickly push me down in the water, i remember coming to the surface and screaming for my husband to help me. He was on the dock fishing and smiling but he could not hear me until the third time i called his name and he put down his pole and ran to help me when he saw what was happening. i knew he was coming so i turned my attention to the children who were still screaming and being tossed about and almost drown by the two babies and the mother Killer whale and i started swimming a bit. not too far from the side of the dock but to where i could hold on to the side of it and reach out to the ones i could , and i managed to get a few to safety but there was one girl.. she Smelled like White diamonds and had the tattoo DKBK on her back ( and i remember thinking who would tattoo a child!?) and i realized she wasent a child she was a grown woman but looked like a child? she got up and ran and i went back to the water by then the whales were either getting bored or tired and started to slow JUST A BIT, im not sure what happend after that but some how the big whale was lying stuck on the dock after what it had done and one of the babies was behind me on the dock too but a much higher one (about the height of a pier) and i was angry at them so i pushed the one baby off the dock and into the mud with a loud PLOP, my husband said that wasent the right thing to do but i dint care! and the mother lay on the dock where she was and she was huge! Then i wanted to leave, but (in weird dream world) we were on an island when all this had happened and for some reason we swam here. it was a long swim but one could make it . i got another ariel view of the water and there were sharks, seals, crabs, and some other scary things i dont remember in the water . I knew we (me and my husband) ( who by the way as i recall dint help me for some reason. i dint see him anywhere and he just disappeared while the whales attacked) would haft to swim through all of them to get to the other side but i thought " If only there was a boat" and there was but it wouldn't start when we got to it. We came to some people who had a Hut and they were starting two fires by blowing a stick that tad embers on the end, making sparks, into dry leaves they dint say anything or acknowledge us. so we walked through shallow water and saw a big boat and the people who owned it were taking people back to the mainland a few at a time and then i woke up!
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Dream Dictionary Type: Attacking, Horror dream
Dream Posted on: 01/28/13
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on January 28th, 2013:
Your dream suggests you might be putting a lot of time and energy into 'holding it together' and being a pillar of stability and strength for your husband and/or family. But at the same time you're neglecting your own needs and emotions. There's a communication problem: Maybe something is troubling you, but you're choosing not to speak out, or can't find the words. Perhaps you've been spending too much time keeping things in order on the surface while suppressing a deeper issue. That deeper issue could be starting to bubble up to the surface and you can no longer ignore it or hid it.
Your dream suggests there's fear within you - you need to confront this now.
Something needs to change.

Breakdown of Symbols:
Ocean: The ocean and water in dreams can represent our emotions at that time: what we're dealing with on the surface and what's lurking underneath. Water can be nurturing and life-giving, but at the same time destructive, unrelenting and unpredictable. Unlike your husband who feels at ease with the ocean and is quite happy to be near it, it quickly creates a great sense of fear, upset and anguish for you. In reality, you may love the ocean, but it has started to symbolize something less familiar or welcome.

Foul water: You're dealing with some negative feelings. You need to cleanse yourself of these feelings by letting go of a repressed issue. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for something, or remove toxic people or things from your life. You need to start this cleansing urgently as you can feel it surfacing and effecting other areas of your life. You know you're no longer able to conceal it.
Learn to love yourself more.

Killer whale (orca): Orcas are highly intelligent, yet unpredictable and dangerous creatures. As you may have seen on TV, they often play with their food, throwing live prey in the air in what appears to be a cruel and sadistic game. Their appearance and behavior in your dream suggests you might be in denial about the way something turned out. Things are not how you expected them to be. They also indicate a sense of fear - perhaps of something beyond your control. Do you have children? If not, perhaps the orca appearing with the children in your dream represents your fear of motherhood. If you do have children, maybe you fear external influences you cannot control, or perhaps even your own abilities as a mother.

Children: In your dream, children may indicate all that you hope to gain within yourself: restored hope, innocence, child-like wonder, etc. They are a symbol of the future. This could be why you scramble to save them at all costs, from anything that might hurt them or tarnish their innocence. Perhaps you long to return to a part of your childhood and feel you'd be safer there. Alternatively, it could also symbolize a yearning for motherhood and the fear that comes with that yearning.

Grown woman who looks like a child: The tattooed girl could be a representation of how you see yourself: a woman with experience beyond her years (or experience she wasn't prepared for), feeling her inner child is all but lost, and wearing markings that represent superficiality and lost innocence Perhaps you wear White Diamonds, but if not and it doesn't remind you of a particular person, then the fragrance and the DKBK tattoo seem to represent the effects of consumerism - or more accurately - the effect of exposure to society and the 'outside world' on the vulnerable and naive.

Mother: The appearance of your mother (in any form) could indicate a longing to return to childhood. More likely, in your dream it may symbolize a desire to be nurtured and given guidance at this time. Your mother may offer the support you need to move positively into the future.

Husband: At ease with the ocean and enjoying leisure time, unaware of your distress. This indicates there's something that's not being communicated between you. Maybe he has trouble understanding your emotional concerns, or maybe you've chosen not to voice them at all. There's no sense that you fear him or his actions, rather you may be protecting what you have together and fear it could change if you speak out. You leave the dream side-by-side which tends to indicate a strong bond. You know whether there's a deep connection and love between you or not - you might still have some journeying to do alone and he needs to know this in order to help.

I hope you find this interpretation useful! Here's a quote I thought you might like too:

'...fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than danger itself when apparent to the eyes; and we find the burden of anxiety greater, by much, than the evil which we are anxious about.' Daniel Defoe
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