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I currently live with my boyfriend. We are planning on getting married.


In my dream i was moving in to a beautiful new house already furnished with my bestfriend and her current boyfriend. From the momment we walked in we were in love with the place but things soon became frightful when we reachead the living room. At the center was a a beautiful aquarium with what seemed like fresh water fish. In the middle of all the fish was a fetus! The baby was fully developed from what i can remember. My friend and I were in panic screaming and working hard to get the baby out but we couldnt. The next thing i knew i was lying in a bed or might of been a couch in the next room. I was devistated. I couldnt help that baby i was crying uncontrollably, I couldnt stop. A few momments later my friend and her bf broke the aquarium to get the baby. She wraped it in a blanket and brough it to me. I dont know if it was a boy or a girl. I cant remember the color of the blanket but I was happy holding that baby in my arms. I was happy it was safe from harm. I quickly examined the baby and found 3 round things around the head. they were black. I began to panic again stating "we have to see a doctor" I was yelling at them asking them to hurry in the car. In my dream seeing a doctor was the hardest thing to do. We'd have to wait to see a judge who would decide if the person injured would survive without medical treatment. In my dream i waited for what seemed like for ever. Through all that wait all I could think about was the baby all i could look at were those 3 black things on the head. i just kept rocking the baby preventing it from crying. I don't even know what happened to my friend and her bf. The last thing I remember was walking my way up to see the doctor when I woke up. Note: Never once in my dream did i see the baby move or did I hear its cries.


I again had another baby dream only this one was more intense. I was with a co-worker and some how a baby assylum had gotten a hold of her sisters or sousins baby. She had to be the one to take her home and she asked if I could go with her.

Note: She never told me in was an assylum. I figured that out later in the dream.

As we're walking in a could feel my heart racing. I didnt know where I was till we got to the front desk. My friend was requesting to see the baby. I dont remember what the place looked like frome outside or the front desk waiting area but as soon as we walked through some double doors. you can hear children screaming and babies crying. I was in shock to see so many children and babies locked up. some of the rooms were white otheres i couldnt make out the colors. I specificly remember one child stating "mom are you happy now, are you happy with him. The child banging his head into the glass i almost cried as I walked towards the door. The child still banging his head asking his mom why. The nurse quickly directed me towards my friend. I felt horrible, that childs mom left him there and he was yelling screaming banging his head asking if she was happy. He was just yelling at the walls. There were other kids there only those didnt stand out to me. The next thing that happened was my friend was able to see her neice but all i remember next was lining up in a gated area and I woke up.

I cant make anything of it hopefully someone can help me..

Thanks you in advanced..

btw i also saw a gold plaque it had stated May 1931..
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Dream Posted on: 10/26/12
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