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A Little Bit Of Everything. (Being Chased Dream)
Last night I had a rather depressing dream . I'll start off with what I remember and then keep going until I woke up.

It started off with me somehow being in the van of my ex-gf's mom. Along with me being in the van it was my ex, her mom, her new bf, her sister, and a good friend of mine who I hung out with a couple days ago. I had to sit next to her mom, which wasn't bad because she was always good to me and I thought she was great, but I had to deal with my ex and her new bf sitting together doing god-knows what in the back, while my friend(male) and my ex's young sister sat in the middle. We were being taken to somewhere in the southern United States. The weather was warm, but there were protestors everywhere walking around with guns. They looked more like militia than anything else. We stopped at a gas station and I went to the bathroom only to come out and be in a neighborhood that looked sketchy and ghostly.

I saw the van that we were traveling in leaving around the corner up the block. I felt powerless. I called them up and they said they would be back to pick me up sometime later. I walked down some steps towards a house and hid as I heard people coming around the corner. Luckily, they were young, and seemed to be around my age, and good looking. I asked them where I was, I don't think they really told me but I followed them. We walked a block or so, and it seemed like people my age were starting to come out of the cracks it was so sudden. It seemed like a block party almost. I introduced myself to to guys, one was white with glasses, and the other was middle eastern. Kind of like a fatter nicer and more intelligent Borat. Both said they were in college and that they were mechanical engineers. I'm a Bio major at my university. We had a good time and I even made a bet with them and won some money.

My ex showed up randomly and I talked to her for a bit, but then became bummed out again for some reason. She was swooped up in front of me by her new bf and they started to make out.... I walked out a door and was in another town. It seemed like it had just rained, but the sun was coming out. It was in the late afternoon and the sun was setting, so the whole town was cast in a peach colored hue from the sun. I walked down a stretch of cobblestone street and saw a very beautiful dog chained up out front of a store waiting for its owner. That's when I ran into a girl from high school. She was annoying, complained a lot, and turned me down when I asked her out once a long long time ago.

She tried to talk to me, but I kept walking, disregarding her chatter. I blinked and was in another city where it was raining.....lost.

That's what I can remember. I will update it when I can remember the beginning part.
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Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 01/28/13
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Posted on February 4th, 2013:
I never really analyzed someone else's dream before, but I analyze mine all the time,
so here is what I think ( this might be a really bad interpretation i apologize in advance):
first of all you're in a van, and when you think of the word van, you think of the type of car you would expect some sort of a "family" to have. The only thing is that, it is not your family, at least not anymore. The front seat is interesting too, because let's say I go over to a friends house, and happen to get a lift somewhere, I would usually sit in the front seat, either because there is no one else in the car and that would just be weird to sit away from the kind person giving me a lift, but anyway, i'm rambling now. The point of me saying that was because weather you are giving a lift or getting a lift, it is something temporary that may happen once or many times, depending on the situation, but it happened and that's the point. Maybe this means that you had a good relationship with your ex-gf's family and you really miss being part of that. You probably don't think you will ever see them the same way you did in the past, or even in a similar way, but there is a part of you that knows there is a place for you in their heads, or hearts, or whatever. I'm not exactly sure what situation you are in regarding your break-up, or how long it's been, but this seems to mean that you are getting through it and accepting it for what it is, you will always be a part of this person and this family if it wasn't for each other you wouldn't be where you are today, it just sucks that it had to be that way, and a part of you misses it, which is normal.
I say this because, yes you are in the van sitting next to your ex's mom, but in the back seat your ex is noming on her new boyfriend's face, and that makes you uncomfortable, something a family van should not be. On the other hand, your friend is there. I think this part is interesting, again i don't know your situation, AT ALL. But you mention your friend and your ex-s younger sister start making out. So like, your friend, FRIEND. like this is what you have NOW, is a friend which is one of the most beautiful things anyone can have, and although it's made to seem easy, it's hard as **** to have/make friends for a lot of people. I see this as you being worried that your friendship will end just like your relationship ended with your girlfriend; you seem to be putting a lot of attention on the people you have left in your life, because they are ******* important to you and you don't want to lose them. The fact that your friend made out with your ex's younger sister is kinda like, you worrying that your friend doesn't give a **** about you, but cares more about girls, or if he is nothing like that you may be worried that this will happen, and then you will be in the same van again except this time all alone, getting a lift somewhere, to be more alone, in the rain or in ghost town (you might be scared to die alone) but so is everyone, we all share this fear, and this is a really awesome dream because it shows how you may be feeling: alone, jealous, scared of being lost. This is a good thing, i know it sounds bad, but once a friend told me that to know that you are sad, or unhappy or jealous ect is to know what you want, if you didn't feel these things you would not be yourself, you would be lost. In your case, you just want to be part of a family van, except you should be driving it, ifya know what I mean. Like you decide your future, you don't have to wait for these people "to pick you up later", this is an empty promise. The part you mentioned where you are left alone in a ghost town is pretty cool too, because it's like you meet a bunch of people who are all part of something that they made from nothing, and you hang out with them and have FUN, doing things that you enjoy. These are the kind of people you want in your life. Then you get interrupted by your girlfriend. This will happen in real life for sure, but in a subconscious way, or at least not in a literal way, until you realize that you can move on, because you both must have either done something wrong, or come to agree that being together isn't the best idea and this is for many reasons, although you will sometimes think back and wonder how things would have been if you had done them differently. Don't do that, because if things were good you two would still be together, they aren't at least at the moment, and if you realize that then you can meet new people and drive where evah you wanna, doing things that you like/love because this is what life should be. When you bump into the girl who rejected you, someone that you never really liked in the first place, this shows your vulnerability because you couldn't get a girl that you found annoying and may have though would be easy (doesn't matter, you didn't like her anyway), but the fact that you keep walking away from her and ignoring her shows that you have moved on from her, and you can do it again, although this time may be harder, or different. The only way that you will be lost is if you don't try to change your life for the way you want it to be and stop feeling what ever you are feeling now, become careless and go with the flow. You should try finding what it is you want exactly, if you don't know yet, whether it's friends or anything else and don't give up because you are worth it if you try!
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