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A Whole Lot Going On (Being Chased Dream)
A rather odd dream I had yesterday.

I was in an apartment lying on a couch and my mother, father, and sister was there. There were also two other men I don't know who were at a table looking at a computer. My mom was looking at it also, and my sister was at a bunch of machines with knobs and buttons and switches and what not, she was just pressing and flipping them. There was a TV with some movie on.

My father comes into the room from another one and turns the knob to the volume of the TV of the surround sound. My sister turns it back down and says we're working here. My father storms back into the room mad and my sister follows him. I stand up and watch the movie a bit.

In the movie there are two people, man and a woman, dressed as civilians along with two other men who are dressed up as Navy Seamen. However, they are in a plane.

The woman sees a speed odometer and asks one of the Seamen why are they moving so slow. The Seaman responds, "No, that isn't us that is the ship we're monitoring."

Then, the frame switches over to a captain of the sea ship, some how he heard what the civilian woman said and says to second in command, "Oh, we'll show her how fast we can go!" He then flips a switch.

The ship starts to transform into some kind of rocket that starts flying. It flies low on the sea and it seems kind of out of control. It hits some smaller boats and eventually transforms back into a sea ship when it nears and even larger ship.

This is the odd part.

I'm suddenly transported into a dance hall on the big ship. I actually look around and see that I'm wearing jeans and a shirt, but everyone else is all formal. I do one look around and I see all these people glaring at me. They are all mad and look like they want to kill me.

One person charges at me and the others follow. I start jumping on tables to jump over people and I read a doorway that leads to staircases.

I start running up it and only two people follow me. After running up four floors they begin to slow down but they continue the pursuit. Eventually, I reach a floor and run across it to another set of staircases, but this time I do some free running/parkour climb where I climb the railings and what not.

Finally I lose them. I enter this one door that has a long hallway that leads to a sort of outside garden I guess. No flowers or plants, but grass and a shed and its covered with walls but no ceiling.

The ground has clothes and what not on it and its a mess. I see a short blonde woman walk towards me from an opposite hallway from the one I just came from. She actually looks like a co-worker who works a different shift from mine. Followed behind her is an older gentlemen. He has white hair on the sides of his head, but bald on top. He's actually kind of fit for an old man.

The woman and I talk and only one thing I actually heard. "You can't trust people these days, they never help you." We continue to talk but I can't comprehend what she or I am saying.

I see the old man picking things up from the ground and stuffing it into the bag. One thing I notice were black/yellow weight lifting gloves.

The old man heads back into the hallway he came from. I then feel at this point the woman and I have a partnership or agreement. She follows the old man and I follow behind her.

I then shout to the old man, who is halfway down the hallway and I'm just beginning, "Old man! Old man! Can I borrow your lifting gloves?" He responds, "Sure, sure."

I head back to pick them up but what I thought were gloves were actually just socks. So, I just run back towards the woman.

My alarm then wakes me up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:apartment | being chased | chased | civilian woman | civilians | couch | dance hall | doorway | gloves | jeans

Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 10/31/12
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