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Dinatopia (Being Chased Dream)
Some context, I was very young(say ten or eleven) and I swear that I had not seen Jurassic Park before I had this dream.

This dream starts where all chasing dreams begin, I was running through a jungle. What was strange was that I was an adult and that I was following a dark haired lean man (also an adult, which was very strange to me since I was still a child). What was chasing us was the classic T-Rex, and considering the dense jungle it was gaining on us.

Suddenly we come up to a sandy beach along a river or an inlet. There are the glowing lights of civilization just accross the water. Infront of us were two ski dews, my companion and I were thankfully both in wetsuits (dressed in the way only dreams can explain). So we jump onto one of the ski dew leaving the other behind(no idea why) and we raced accross the inlet. As I clung to the back of my companion, I dared a look behind. Rising above the fully mature palm trees was the T-Rex (similar to the t-Rex from toy story in color and shape but three stories tall. Once again, Toy story had not been released prior to this dream (think 1998)) zipping up a comedic wet suit. The enormous dinosaur then cannon balled into the water and we rode his wake all the way to the other shore.

The shore was lined with two rowes of barbed wire fences that we scaled before running up to the nearest trailer. We then beat on the door until a couple came to the door. We tried to get them to run, there was a frigging dinosaur heading their way after all. However they wouldn't listen and so we grabbed their kids and hid in a closet.

Through the rest of the night, the sounds of screaming and distruction scared us all.

As the sun filtered into the closet the next morning, our surroundings had become strange, how could direct sunlight reach an indoor closet? And suddenly a very large scaled nose pressed into the closet ( which was only closed by a set of curtains). After the nose receded, a small long necked dinosaur peaked up at us through a now translucent closet floor.

As the children, my companion and I peaked our heads out we saw a bright blue day on a clear grassy green hill and the children's parents waving at us as if we were at the end of some great adventure. And as I looked out over what had once been a power plant, nothing was left save for a massive parade of every dinosaur imaginable.

As I said before, this was one of those rediculous dreams that are so vivid that you can't forget them. Not even after years and years.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:barbed wire fences | being chased | cannon | chase | chasing dreams | children | civilization | companion | curtains | dense jungle

Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 11/21/12
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