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Dinner In A Sewer (Being Chased Dream)
This is a dream I had recently, that I know I have had before.

For some reason I am being chased while swimming in a sewer. Me and my pursuer come to a room with many exits. I swim over to one and open it. This opens the other doors and lets all the water flow out until its all gone. I quickly shut the door and lock it, which shuts and locks the others doors and turn around to my pursuer.

When I looked there was other people dressed like me(in some sort of cheap hazard suit with no hood piece), surrounding my pursuer. Its seems that these are my friends and we have set a trap for this pursuer for some reason. He runs over to the door I locked trying to open it to make his escape, but it won't move.

This is where things change, for some reason theres a dining table in the middle area of this open sewer room, big enough to hold about 10 people. We all sit down and are eating something that I can't remember. I am next to the pursuer on one of the sides of the table. For here I can actually see what he looks like. He is a high class Old English looking man. Like a Rich person from back in the mideval days. We are all talking about random things, and at one point the pursuer becomes hostile again, but not at me. He chases on of the other guys and I go to intervene and he has a sword now. For some reason I had pillows in my hands and was blocking his sword attacks with them.

We finally stop fight and everyone sits back down. This time no one is sitting by the pursuer when I walk over there. I notice that an older lady had brought everyone some bowls of chili as I sat next to the pursuer at the end of the side. I look at him and say that I am sitting here and I was to be friends and thats that. The pursuer was saying no as I said that, then he said fine. I look across the table to a tubby bald man that was in the group and it seems he had taken the bowl of chili that was placed for my seat. He was taking about something but I couldn't seem to hear him.

At this time the pursuer is now sitting at the end of the table next to me and has some sort of pinkish, bright orange-ish check paper looking thing in front of him. I look closer and he writes his name onto it on the side. It reads Lawrence R-something, I can't remember what the last name said. He then wrote down another name, Fathermir Stillwatter(spelled just like that). He spoke to us and said, "I will now no longer be known as Lawrence R-something, but as Fathermir Stillwatter. The bald guy from before asked him, I thought your name was Lawrence R-something, and Fathermir(the pursuer) stated that he just changed it right now.

The older Lady who brought the chili is bringing more over. Once she got to the table, Fathermir turned around and kissed her. Looking at him now, his darker hair is now grey like the older lady's. We were all happy for them to fall in love, so we all left.
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Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 10/11/10
Dream Interpretations: No dream interpretations yet.
Dream Rating: 3.00
Reaction to this Dream: entertained
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