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High School (Being Chased Dream)
The first dream was last month: It was the end of school, the first day in high school and I was a senior. I had to go to the Attendence Office because I didn't know if I'd purchased a locker, didn't know it's combination, and didn't know which one was mine, but I had to pack my books into my backpack before leaving, so I had to have had one. I also didn't know my bus number.

I asked for assistance in the Attendence Office but everyone was lazy or asleep to answer my question so they told me a random locker number and combination, and bus number. I had to get to my bus so I skipped going to my locker.

I entered the bus through a back side door(like a city bus, but this was a school bus).The bus was full with elementary children with coats on and I realized that I was wearing a black jacket, grey jeans, and black shoes(I normaly wear black anyway). The bare trees outside the windows were bare, the shadows long, so I guess it was winter. The children's coats were grey and black, powdered with frost and snow despite the fact there wasn't any outside. It was dim inside the bus; and the bus driver was a young 20-something year old anglo brunet male with brown eyes(his clothes wher grey and black too) was verbally abusing the children and stating that he ruled the bus. I knew he probably wouldn't drive us to our designated stops, probably a lone area away from the public, and quickly snuck outside the bus from the back. Once I snuck out, one of the school's officers spotted me and started chasing me. It was weird that he had his summer uniform on. I was closest to the school entrance so I ran inside, pushing away anyone in my path. The officer was catching up so I hid in a restroom and locked the door behind me. Then my dream ended.

The next one I had(last night): The first day of high school as a senior ended. It was winter so all the students had coats on, mostly grey and black. Some trees were bare, some still loosing their fall-colored leaves. It was a grey, cloudy day. Instead of having school buses we all were carpooled in vans-almost all the drivers were anglo brunet males in ther early twenties. The other drivers were young, anglo and male, but had bright blond hair and blue eyes. I didn't know which van I belonged to so I was walked slowly, trying to find the group of people who usually road my bus in real life. I quickly passed a dark grey van because the bus driver in my previous dream was the driver and was pretending to be nice, waving students to his van and happily talking to them(usualy female students).

Next, I saw an emo-fashioned girl, probably a senior as well. She wore a black jacket, grey jeans, and black shoes. Her eye shadow was a jet black, as was her hair except for a few pink and blue streaks on her side swept bangs. She had her back pack's and violin case's straps on he shoulders. I'd glanced at her while she was looking down at the grownd, kind of looking sad, her shoulders slumped. Our bus ramp is a cult de sac so she was standing on the grassy island in the middle besides a tree of dark green leaves, like it would in summer. I crossed the pavement, walked onto the island and had crossed on to the other side of the cult de sac(which means I'd passed her). She reminded me of myself since I wear that kind of fashion and I had my book bag and my instrument case slung on my shoulders(my case had a strap too so it was slung om like a purse). But this instrument case was for an acoustic guitar. I play the viola(like a violin, but with deeper notes), but only up to my sophmor year did I do that.

Then I noticed one of the brunet male drivers shooting silver flare guns toward the sky to signal to some students who were looking for his van becuae he was further back in a line of other carpoolers. I wonderd if that was really the students' ride; none of the vans had numbers or markings to indicate which van was for who.

I found the group that went on my bus, along with another group of high school students, but they were totally different people(physically). I saw a friend; she had her guitar case(she actually plays guitar) and her back pack, but she doesn't live where I live, or near it, so I was confused. She also wore the black jacket, grey jeans, and black shoes. Her red hair was tied in a pony tail with a black scrunchy. I recall rubbing my nose, and sniffing because it was cold, and I saw that my sleeve was that of a black jacket. I didn't look at the rest of my clothes. Most of the students waiting for their ride were quiet, even my friend who's always social and bold. I was quiet, but I'm actually like that in real life so that was normal. My friend was constanlty looking left and right with her eyes, as if looking for someone and for some reason I wondered if she was looking for her little brother, but he was still in middle school so there's be no way. The emo-fashioned girl walked up to join our group and waited up front with some other people. I wondered if I was waiting for the right van. Most of the students waiting for the van I did not recongnize. Mentally going over what'd I'd ask the driver(like what stop he'll drive to)I realized I wasn't sure where I lived. I've moved a few times this year so I was deciding between three neighborhoods! The the van pulled up and everyone was preparing to get on, except me. I wasn't sure this was my ride. I was thinking I should've learned how to drive last summer. Then my dream ended.

Now that I think about it, some of the students in the group were wearing what my friend, the emo girl, and (possibly) myself were wearing!

I'm confused about this dream because I'm a recent high school graduate. I've had two or three other dreams like this but they were only of me in high school, not knowing where my locker was, what it's combination was, and what number my bus was. I'm always, in those dreams, hesitant to call my mom because I'd think she'd yell at me and blame me for not learning jow to drive(which I can now, but I learned after graduating), and then I'd wake up. I usually had those other dreams before the first day of school(before I graduated) or before a school day began. I'm a slightly nervous person and constantly think before I act, but I've never thought these dreams as a result of anxiety because by senior year my confidence had improved(my goal since year 9 was to improve my confidence each year untill I graduated high school, and I'm proud to say I've improved a lot, but I'm still a little anxuous). Maybe I've dreamed my latest dreams because I'm starting college spring semester and don't know what to expect, but I'm not that uncomfortable about it. I'm mostly relaxed and layed back when I think of starting, and I can drive now. But these last two dreams were in extreme detail and actually had a story to them....I wonder why?
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Dream Posted on: 11/17/12
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