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It was rather strange.

I dreamt that I was going back to school at MBCI, and I had a spare, so I was going to go down to the park by the river. (which is where all the smokers and such hang out.)

Once I got outside, though, the entire landscape changed. The school changed to look like Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter books, and suddenly, the river slowed to a trickle between two huge cliffs. There was a wooden bridge over the river, with two great big wooden stakes at each side.

I decided to go across the canyon.

Once you stepped off the bridge, you were standing on a gravel path that led into a bunch of trees, close together.

I followed that path, but dropped something, so had to go back a little ways. I then noticed that there was another path, forking off of the other one, but it was hidden a bit by the trees, so wasn't very visible. I went down that path, and saw a few of my friends from MBCI/Hogwarts sitting on a rock, in front of a beeeeautiful landscape of the cliff sloping down into the water, and a masked man holding a knife.

I rushed down there, grabbed two people's hands, I think it was Bryn from a few doors down, and Rupert Grint ! =) and then ran back up the path towards the bridge.

When we got there, though, the man with the knife was setting fire to the bridge, and we were unable to cross it. So we waited around a little while, until the people across the river built a bridge, and a cage for us, and we finally realized that they were evil, and wanted to trap us and squish us with the bars of the cage.

So, needless to say, we ran.

Down the path, into the woods, and into the Children's museum.

It had mechanical dinosaur robots, and stuff. And Bryn, Rupert and I were all running like mad, but there was Adam Schultz behind us. He looked like he did two years ago, it was hilarious. And he was just kinda wandering behind us, until Bryn ran back and grabbed his hand, dragging him along with us.

So yeah.

The evil people were running behind us through the museum.

And we were dodging funny mirrors, and mechanical dinosaurs, and stuff,

until we got to this door.

We opened the door, and stepped through, and slide down a slide into a pile of sand.

It was dusty.

Then, we got lost for a bit. We would be taking different paths, but they all led back to the sand pit. Soon, the people caught up to us, and then a gong started ringing. Rupert fell asleep, and Adam was captured. As the cage closed in on Bryn and the sleeping Rupert and me, Bryn woke him up, saying that the gong ringing probably wasn't a good sign.

So just before the door closed on us, Rupert and I ran out of the cage. Bryn stayed behind, I don't know why.

Nobody seemed to realize that I had escaped, though. They were all looking for Rupert, while I became ghostly, almost invisible.

I mean, I could see MYSELF. but no one else seemed able to. They just looked right through me.

So I floated along beside Rupert, and he kinda crawled to the path that led back to the reconstructed bridge.

And then got up and started running again.

And then I woke up.
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Dream Posted on: 08/23/07
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