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Jumanji (Being Chased Dream)
i have had this dream for a while now. It is always the jumanji hunter but with different scenarios. Basically he is hunting me I dont know why. He always always knows where I am no matter what. I run away and get friends to help me. But he always finds me and i wake up just as he is going to kill me.

the dream i had last night was like this..

the beginning is vivid.. my bf and i in a room with a computer and he [the hunter guy] came in and my bf shoots him and he was dead but kept waking up. Then my bf disappeared and i was by myself in the room and the hunter kept lookin at me even though he was lying on the ground in blood pool. Then it gets hazy and flicked to another day and i was running up this huge hill and i got a phone call and he was like you shouldnt use a mobile ya no somehow i no where you are and i seen him walking down the hill. We met half way up so i was just like alright lets do this at the top of the hill then my old school friend carly ran up the hill past me and i was like omg carly let me give u hug havent seen u in ages. [i was in school uniform this hill was in my school but ive never seen this uniform or school before]and i hugged carly and I whispered in her ear he is trying to kill me as i whispered i seen all these two dollar coins on the ground.. [for some reason that really stood out in the dream like it was emphasised]. So she ran back to her friends then they all ran straight up and crash tackled him to the floor and Carly grabbed me and we ran up the hill. We got nearly all way back and i looked back and they had pinned him to the ground. At this point i realised i had dropped my mobile i didnt have it on me anywhere [This was emphasised too] and I ran up into the school building and grabbed my best friends fran and nell. Told them someone was wanting to kill me so they came with me and carly too. We were running up a hill out the front of school and by this stage fran had disappeared. We looked back and saw people running up the hill after us there were 5 of them. We ran down a side street and then carly and nell ran under a car to hide and i was like no he will find me. So i went and knocked on someones door and was like can i just sit in here please someone is trying to kill me. Then i saw the big hunter truck out the window and he drove up through the front door. 5 people got out including the jumanji hunter. I ran out the back door went to jump the fence then someone grabbed my leg i turned around saw them all standing there and i woke myself up...

Everywhere i hid though he knew where i was everywhere...

every other dream is the same he chases me till he catches me then he is about to shoot me and i wake up.

i had another one where just someone wearing all black was hunting me and my family was hididng me but he always knew where i was i was wearing an older days outfit too.. then i ran and just sat in a bush and he walked straight over cause he knew where i was and pointed a gun at me. And this stood out that i sat there thinking to myself. i cant die im to young to die then he pulls the trigger and i wake up.....

i hope someone can help me

i am just interested to see why i am having these unusual dreams with all the same idea behind them
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Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 05/08/09
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Posted on May 9th, 2009:
your dream is about avoiding God,Yep he knows where you are and the death part or the hunter is how you see him, God that is,the friends are the ones you did dirty little deeds with that only you guys know or at least you think you know but God knows,the 2 dollar coins is a sign that you need to pay your bill before its disconnected.
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