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Killer Frisbee (Being Chased Dream)
I always tend to have really wierd dreams so i have started to note a lot of them and explore them myself with dream dictionary an things, but this one i can not figure out on my own an its keeping me awake even into 3:55 in the morning.

I had a dream, that I was outside in my yard with my mom and my sister, My sister is a formal softball player and her and I were playing a game. However my mom was in the center of the yard with a giant crane, that was also a pitching machine, it was the largest machine iv ever seen, bigger then my house even, with loads of cords and chains all around it, but somehow it was pitching to her, after a while i noticed the machine start to spin, and I am worried about my moms saftey, She is in the center controling it and it has a protective cage over it, suddenly piece by piece the machine starts to fall apart, i run up to my sister to get her to move out of the way while big pieces of chains are coming down and thumping on the ground and piece are shooting off of the crane, i am worried about my moms safteys o i try to get closer to it even with eveyrhting shooting off of it, and i see the big arm of the crane about to desend onto the top of the caged bar, it misses an explodes into a bunch of tiny pieces that come shootng toward me, my sister makes it to the saftery of the porch whlie i am in the middle ofthe lawn still worried about my mom, I was extremely scared everything was really loud so i couldnt shout to her an tiny peices were falling an shooting from the machine everywhere. The machine breaks down entirely an she walks off fine and as soon as she leaves the seat that explodes as well, but she saftely walks to the porch as i try to jumpout of the way of the exploding pieces i notice the engine of the machine suddenly spinning full spead blade end toward me, like it is going to cut me, i grab the nearest thing i can find witch happend o be a frisbee an i throw it hoping to hit the blade so it shuts off, instead the frisbee is thrown back at me from the force of the engine, and it hits me in the side so hard that it makes a huge Laceration i pull the frisbee out of my side an i am wearing a big tee shirt, i can feel the teeshirt getting wet from the blood but i can not see any blood, just a little bit of a liquid on my fingers where it feels like blood, my parents an sisters come running out, and they see it in shock i pull my teeshirt up and to afraid to look myself i feel a large hole in my side from the frisbee, and that i have to be rushed to the hospital. I feel myself getting weeker and weeker, i can feel pressure on myside, but i go back in th e house to get my phone so ican phone my boyfriend who lives in London * we have adistance relationship* but it works :P anyway, so I phone him and i start telling him what happend but the phone keeps getting cut off, he keep phoneing me back nerveous an keeps telling me to eat something and not to move around alot, i can feel the cut getting really wet and sore and the phoen disconects with him a final time I get to the hospital witch is over a bridge, as we are driving over the bridge planes from all over the world, Jet Blue, zoom, American Airlines and British Airways are landing all around us and i notice the city we are driving a bove is NYC. WE get to teh hospital and the doctor who is suppose to do surgary on me is my boss from work who is drunk so can not do it. I am standing in a room with doctors around and everyone is leaving and i see myself getting pale and if eel my voice getting week and all i want to do is phone my boyfriend again to tell him that i may not make it. NOte he was still in London in the phone calls and could not make it over.. A female doctor with brown hair finally comes up to me, and she says before she does the surgary if i want i can buy a car from her, and she asks me to pick wat one, i Say a Jaguar and she flips through prices in magazines but i tell ehr not tow orry about it, She then takes a big needle out and i start thinking about how much i love my boyfriend and want to see him, she keeps telling me to think about something nice and the thought is my bf fahad an she stabs me in the leg with the needle, i then see her stiching me up and my concern is that i will look deformd when i leave, i start to fall asleep from teh surgary and when i awake, i am in a white hall way that looks liek the res t of the house would be large with a mirror, I look a few years older, and I am putting a black dress on and tieing the belt around it carefully around my waist careful not to hit the surgary, i shout into the other room i can see the ohter room but not into it fully, an i am shouting to my boyfriend, " do you think you can notice the marks of the surgary in this dress' it makes my one side look more taken in then the other," he said ' it doesnt matter i love you how you are" but did not come out and look, i could only hear his voice, after he said that i took one last look at myself in the mirror and walked into the room his voice was coming from. The wierd thing about the house is I remeber being happy that he was in the other room, and having a feeling like i was living in that house with him, like it was our house It was very pieceful i was looking in the mirror no parents or siblings were around, and the sun was shining into a window lighting up the mirror, and the hall but no lights were on
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Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 08/31/07
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