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Newts And Horse Carcasses (Being Chased Dream)
I remember seeing this cross section of a white pvc plumbing system, and I could see that the water that was circulating through it was dirty, and that there may have been a used tissue, and a bent out wire clothes hanger inside it as well, where the cross section ends, it is wrapped around in (possibly red couloured) adhesive tape, then the dream changes, I am in what appears to be a giant alien butcherhouse/plant, all around me on giant meat hooks, suspended from giant metal frame beams (think crane, like with all the crossing metal bars for strength) -hang the giant skinned and seasoned carcasses of what appear to be giant dog/horses -more horse-like than dog like- about the size of elephants (but not all fat and round like elephants, more proportional to giant horses -just relative size-wise) At this point I am partially lucid, and apparently am hiding a small, possibly old, dashund dog, his fur is brown and short, and for some reason I feel (and am afraid that) he may be dying, I seem to know that the aliens (maybe reptillian, but I don't know for sure) will try to kill or harm the dashund if they find him, I also sense he is hungry, so I grab him and fly/climb up onto the top of one of the suspension beams, which, for some reason is padded, and covered with what seems like black landscaping fabric, I wonder why this is, and then realize that the carcasses look as if they have had the seasonings/ground spices (orange coloured-think emerill's bayou blast spice mix)-dropped/sprinkled on them from above, and I come to the conclusion that the susupension beams, from which the carcasses hang, are padded because the alien workers in this butchering plant I find myself in, use them to walk up and down on, and drop seasonings on the giant skinned horse carcesses from above, but at the moment there doesn't seem to be anyone accessing these walkways, as the seasonings have already been applied to the carcasses, I notice, out of the corner of my eye, how unrecognizable, milky and glazed over the bluish-black eye on the carcass closest to me is, and how I can't see any whites in the eyes, it just looks wierd without eyelids and all deflated and sunken looking and all, I notice the thin layer of fat clinging to the outsides of the muscles, I think the carcasses had hooves, but I'm not sure, I also notice that for every hanging carcass, there is a wide loading opening to the outside world, like for trucks to load the carcasses onto, the light outside seems like it is coming from an overcast sky on a muggy day, if feel it is probably cold out there, but I digress, -so I'm up on the padded metal/aluminum composite looking suspension beam, and I'm looking over at this sweet little dashund which I'm afraid might die, he seemed hungry to me, and suddenly I discovered a small bone in my left (I think) hand, I'm not sure if it was rawhide or not, so I gave it to the dog, and he started chewing on it, I think I may have had rags or scarves tied around my hands, na a jacket on, it may have been either red or brown or dark green, but it seemed fleecy, I do remember seeing, maybe a purple, tattered scarf tied around either my left hand, or one for each hand, one of those transparent sheer scarves save for the purple design, but all torn up, I felt as if the alien workers were looking/hunting for me, I petted the poor little dashund, then the dream started to transition, I heard a voice saying the dashund had passed away during this dream transition, but I felt it was a peaceful death, and hoped I had made him happy before he passed on, then, all of a sudden I am chasing a small newt/lizard/gecko (probably a newt though) through a forested area accross the parking lot from the church I used to go to choir practice at, I think it was a lutheran church, but I'm not sure, anyway, this little newt thing did not have scales, however it did have hard, bumpy skin, made shiny by a layer of mucus, the skin on it's top side/back-head-legs-tail area was bright neon lime -almost fire hydrant green, with the occasional small deformed half moon spot of solid black colour, these spots continued onto it's belly, which was very bumpy, almost ribbed horizontally accross it's belly, but insteda of a green background for the black spots, it's belly was bright, highlighter neon orange, the entire newt from tip of nose to tail, was around eight inches long, maybe two and a half, to three inches accross at the widest point including the legs, which were around, maybe one, to one and a half inches long each, the little feet had stubby fingers on the ends of them, maybe a centimetre, to a centimetre and a half long, three to five fingers/toes each foot, it's eyes were large, like the eyes of a gecko, but it could run pretty fast, considering the length of it's legs, it's ribs may have been pronounced through the skin, -anyway, so I was running after it, or maybe chasing it away, through the well beaten dirt pathways, leading through the bushes and trees and shrubs and logs and boulders, along the pathways that lead to the adjacent elementary school, playground, and field, and this one small office/library looking building, very brown colour scheme on that building, brown tinted windows and everything, it could also be a daycare but I never found out, -and the newt thing was running away from me, for some reason I was angry at that newt, I think that newt was who I recognised as the main antagonist in the dream somehow, so I was glad it was apparently scared of me, or at least that I was chasing it away, I just hope it never bothers me or my dream friends ever again, throughout the whole dream I felt watched, that made me feel uneasy. and I think that's all I can remember for now.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:adhesive tape | alien workers | aliens | aliens horses butchers newts feeling watched uneasyness chasedchasing forests cloudy sky dog bone emerill bam | beams | being chased | carcasses | corner of my eye | crane | cross section

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Dream Posted on: 11/02/12
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