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I've been browsing EP for dream symbols, but I really haven't come to any sense of it anyway.
I hardly ever remember my dreams, but since this was a nightmare and I was obviously violent in my sleep - I got woken up by my partner in the middle of it.

It started with me walking around on town with some friends that I haven't seen for ages (since I a few years ago broke up with them because they were a bad influence on me). It was a very grey day, and I could see things that they couldn't see. People who weren't there, signs that no one else saw (like old barbershop sings in windows). I realized that I was seeing ghosts, or some kind of past. None of these ghosts were familiar to me and I did not feel threatened by them - I was more threatened of the state that I was in. I could see ghosts and it felt like the exact scenery of a horror movie, but in day time.

I decided to go to my parents apartment where I met my younger brother. I explained to him that I'd been seeing ghosts all day and that I was nervous and needed to "hide" in my parents house.

I walked into what is "my room" when I'm staying there, it's sort of the guest room. Entering the room, there are big windows to the back yard. In my dream it was dark out side, and all of the lights in the room were on so I could see my reflection in the window pretty clear.

Suddenly, entering the room and closing the door right behind me was this dark figure - I could only see the contours, the face wasn't clear but it was if the figure was made of very dark smoke - yet still in very much "human form". I instinctly felt that this person or figure wanted to hurt me, or even kill me.

I also realized, with out seeing the face - not turing around, still just seeing the reflection in the windows - that this was my best friend who passed away last August. He died suddenly by an overdose and I've been thinking about him constantly since.

I was terrified - I've never been so scared. In the dream, I threw myself on the floor towards the door behind me, fell flat on my chest but with my head almost out side the door, which was open. I tried to scream, but the sounds that came out of my mouth was low, just like an exhale. I cried and tried to scream for my brother, but nothing came out. I just knew that I was going to die.

Then I was woken up by my partner and I, who is a grown up, started to cry out of fear. The dream was really real to me and it was the worst nightmare I've ever had.
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Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 05/12/10
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Posted on May 13th, 2010:
I can't interpret the whole dream, but I can try to make it a bit easier for you to do it on your own.

People in dreams are symbols for aspects of our own personality. So these friends of yours that you don't want to hang around with anymore are symbols for negative aspects of your personality that you don't want to be around anymore. They probably each represent a negative personality trait in you, but only you can figure out what they are.

This very scary person who wants to kill you in the dream is probably a very powerful fear or negative behavior you have. It wants to kill off the positive person that you really are inside. The fact the he is your friend who died of an overdose could represent a negative aspect of your personality. He represent an addictive personality trait yo have or some negative trait that overdoses on negativity. Whatever he is, he's bad and only you can really figure him out.

Night time in a dream is usually symbolic of confusion, or possibly a state of mind where things aren't very positive.

Your brother is a symbol for some aspect of yourself that you like or dislike. It's based on whatever your opinion of him is. So he just represents something you are thinking.

Your parents in the dream represent your conscience and your intuition. Two of the most important dream symbols. Your conscience is your ability to choose between right and wrong, and your intuition is your internal guidance. Your ability to make positive choices that keep you away from trouble before it begins and lead you to what you need. Both of these symbols are ones you always want to be in good shape in a dream.

Houses in dreams are symbols for your consciousness or your entire mind. The rooms representing what's happening inside your mind. Kitchens are about preparation, bedrooms about private thoughts, living rooms about relaxation, offices about work you need to do, and basements about the deepest darkest thoughts you have. And of coarse front yards would be things you don't care about in your life, and backyards would be things you don't want to even think about at all.

The horror movie feeling you had is symbolic of negativity you are experiencing in your life. Tv's, movies, theatres are all symbolic of experiences you are having in your current life. So you are clearly experiencing something in your life that isn't positive. Fear, desire, or karmic debt of some sort.
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