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Separate Reality (Being Chased Dream)
Something was wrong but I was unable to put my finger on it. I made a trip to the doctor and he asked me a question before leaving. He asked whether or not I had experienced anything traumatic in the past, I answered by saying that if something traumatic happened I certainly didn’t remember. He nodded and sent me on my way. As I walked out of the front door of the building I noticed the world had transformed into a surreal scape. The sky was a hazy red and purple and everyone seemed to take on the form of paper dolls, their limps loose and connected by a pin. Everyone was happy; everyone was okay despite to oddity of my abstract reality. However, maybe only I was experiencing such visions while everyone watched me strangely. I was worried, I was terrified and needed to break free from whatever it was I was experiencing. At one point I saw my friend in a large red hot air balloon slowly emerging over a vibrant green hill (also looked like a paper cut out), I remember feeling so afraid for her so I tried to shoot the balloon down. She was having the time of her life. It’s actually funny because the situation seemed to fit her so perfectly; out there, lost in the moment and escaping life only to enjoy it the way she sees it; with an abstract eye. I remember repeatedly being told not to shoot the balloon and I soon came to my senses and understood how dangerous that would have been. I realized the only way to break myself free would be to return to the doctor and tell him I was okay, that I know I had not experienced trauma in my past. I’ve concluded that the doctor was the one to change my perception…maybe that’s all it was. Almost like he was testing me, placing me in the surreal world to elicit a repressed memory or two to determine whether or not I had actually experienced a trauma I did not remember.
I walked with a friend across the city and through the parking lot to the doors of the Doctors building. Around me were very interesting people. I remember a tall man, silly mustache, with a grey hat over his dark hair. He was wearing a grey suit to match and he stood still, with a stern look on his face. He was facing one direction and his eyes never shifted, even to acknowledge my walking past him. I saw many other individuals in compromising circumstances; a man poorly dressed as a clown with legs for hands…and many others. I remember feeling panicked, that I needed to see the doctor so I could leave and enter reality (my reality). I felt bad for these people but I also knew I did not belong here. I ran to the receptionist who led me to the doctor. He asked me how I have been and I told him what I thought he wanted to hear. I spoke quickly with very little breath telling him that I was okay and have never been better, that life is wonderful and I’m enjoying myself very much. He nodded and sent me on my way. I was ecstatic, I ran out of the office with my friend anticipating my exit into the “real” world again. However my excitement led me to a traumatic fall that left me injured. I was hesitant to walk out of the building after that. However, what I found was quite different than what was previously there; parking lot with the city beyond it. Instead, I was confronted by a large ocean under a dark and cloudy sky. The ocean absorbed the sky and was presumably as dark but also rough. The hospital was isolated in the center of an ocean. In front of me sat two small rafts upon the small sandy shore. Without thinking I took one, as did my friend, and began my journey. In the back of my mind, I knew this was yet another test compromised by my words/actions. I kept making my way farther into the unknown, also knowing that it had no end.

I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:abstract eye | abstract reality | being chased | doctors | doors | hot air balloon | oddity | paper dolls | parking lot | repressed memory

Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 06/09/10
Dream Interpretations: No dream interpretations yet.
Dream Rating: 5.00
Reaction to this Dream: entertained
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