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Stalker Turned Friend (Being Chased Dream)
It started off with me and a few other people (some of them I think I knew) investigating a secluded woodland area that seemed to be way at the back of the woods. they were all standing around something, either talking about or to it. I came foward to see. I was shocked to discover that it was a small, green-skinned alien (or at least I think it was an alien) with large, childishley curious yellow/green eyes. His attention was fixed solely on me. This scared me more than anything. I turned and began to run. It didn't seemed to matter how fast I ran, everytime I turned around it was there, staring at me with that same curious expression. I continued to run but as I did I heard someone say that it didn't matter how much I ran it would always find me. He seemed friendly enough but I was still deathly afraid. Despite what I was told, I still kept running. I had to climb over a stack of chopped down trees. I remember that despite my fear I was impressed at how flawlessly I ran along this large tree trunk. I felt as though my lack of clumsiness came from how desperate I was to get away from this thing. I don't remember in detail, exactly what happened after that, but I knew what happened. There was a brief period where he seemed to have left me alone. Then one day I was walking out of a small building with a white roof that was next to a large wooded area with tall trees. I was walking along a path that led from the building towards a wired fence. When I was far enough away from the building, he showed up at my side. By this point I had the vague sensation that he had been pursuing me for a while and that I had deemed him not a threat, but was still wary-until now. This time when I saw him he had changed form completely. Now he was tall, lean and muscular with fair skin and even fairer blonde/white hair. He was wearing army pants and a white vest. This was the first time I'd seen him this way and I liked it. I certainly felt a lot more comfortable around him, in fact I think I was beginning to return his affection. He wanted to show me his spaceship, which was nearby. On the way he picked me up and put me on his shoulder (which I enjoyed). He and I started talking about me going with him to his home planet. After that things became a bit of a blur again. The next bit I remember was the second most frightening. It was late in the afternoon and I was outside my house when a mob descended towards my house. When I say a mob I think it may have been the entire town. I think they may have been carrying lit torches. For a moment I felt completely alone and then suddenly I was on top of my neighbors house and he was with me. It was at this point I realized not only could he turn invisible but he could also fly. I was scared for my family and convinced him we should lead the mob away, so he picked me up in his arms and away we went. Once again things became a bit blurry except I knew we were on the run. Then we were at this shopping mall that me and my family have been going to for years. We were sneaking through. I was tucked under his arm as he jumped from shelf to shelf, keeping us both invisible. In the parking lot I saw my parents next to a moving truck. I was overjoyed to see them. I think we had just run into them by accident. It was a bright and sunny day. We sat in the back of the truck, me and him. I remember the texture of the wood. It was old and faded with lot's of lines in it. I also noticed that there weren't that many boxes. I learnt from my family that they had had to leave in a hurry. After some complaints from my sister, I managed to convince him to go back to my house to collect the rest of our things. He agreed. I figured it would be the last place people would think to look. He flew us back there under the cloak of invisibility. Once there I grabbed as many things as I could. I felt bad for him, not only would he be having to carry me and keep me invisible, but also the stuff I would be carrying. I'd managed to grab quite a few things when once again a mob showed up, only this time as it was the daylight hours there were no lit torches. We managed to get out of there with the stuff but it was tough. Once we were at my families new house, I was taken back by how idyllic it was. It was made entirely out of wood, though several interior rooms and the garden looked just like our old ones. It was after seeing how my family had managed to rebuild their lives in my abscence that I realized I no longer had a place in their lives. It was when a visiting maid nearly saw me that I decided to go back with my alien friend to his home planet. The last part of the dream was us flying towards the sky, passing some trees on the way. As we got higher, a giant cloud in the shape of the titanic (or a ship like that) came into view, making me wonder if we were heading towards an alternate or parallel universe. That was when the dream ended. When I woke up, my throat was dry, my temples were pounding, my chest hurt, every muscle in my body was sore and I was sweating.
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Dream Dictionary Type: being chased dream
Dream Posted on: 01/28/13
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