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My dream begins feeling real. By real, I mean I dreamt that I woke up and walked into my bathroom, but I definitely felt that it was actually happening and had no idea I was asleep.

So, anyway, I walk into the bathroom and examine my face in the mirror, noting the horrible black circles under my eyes and how exhausted I looked (I was extremely tired and over exhausted when I fell asleep) and proceeded to tell my boyfriend whom I live with how horrible I look. He laughs and teases a reply of "Yeah, you do" and I simple snicker, tell him to shut up and go to walk out of the bathroom when I stop and look at my reflection again. This time, my reflection is not reflecting my pose at all. It looks like me, wears what I'm wearing, but as I stand in amazement at it, my reflection is standing there, arms crossed, facing me with its right index finger resting on its lips and a sly smirk on its face. I freak a little, tell my boyfriend what happened with the mirror as I'm quickly walking into the room he's in and that's when I realize it's a dream, but it continues.

The room I enter is not my actual living room in our house. The bathroom and bedroom are, but this room looks like it belongs in a hotel.

Anyway, my boyfriend tries to tell me I was imagining things because I was so tired, I try to convince him otherwise and bring him back with me to look at the mirror with me (once again we're in our actual bathroom), but this time it's my normal reflection - nothing odd at all. We go back into the "hotel living room" where I notice what's supposed to be a photograph of the two of us, but instead it's acting like a mirror in that it's reflecting the couch we're sitting on, but I'm the only one in the picture (it's still, not moving) and I'm posed as if I was hiding, but am now slyly sneaking out, a somewhat daring expression on my face. I show the picture to my boyfriend, once again trying to convince him something's not right, but the picture returns to the image of us together somewhere else. I look one last time at the photo and it returns to reflecting our surroundings, but this time no one is in the photo. It's just the couch we're sitting on and he sees it, replying with "Ok...that IS weird."

The dream ends with me fully aware I'm dreaming and I have a feeling that the false reflection and photo weren't simply an odd dream, but that -something- was taking form in the mirror as me, trying to scare me/haunt me/whatever else you might want to call it. Before waking up, I remember feeling very angry at this "being" and say "Get out of here. You do NOT belong here." That's when I wake up, still feeling angry and as if something was intruding or trying to intrude my sleep.

Can anyone give me any ideas on what this dream was really about because it sure felt real and telling my boyfriend about it freaked him out a little as he apparently had a dream about our apartment being haunted the same night (neither of us watched a scarey movie - even if I had, I never dream about things I've seen and our dreams weren't shared until later when we woke up).

One last detail about this dream is it felt like I had been asleep for several hours after I woke up, but my boyfriend informed me that I had been asleep for less than an hour. That's not enough time for REM sleep, so I think it's rather odd that I even had a dream without REM sleep.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:acting like a mirror | amazement | black circles | couch | face in the mirror | freak | ghost | haunting me | imagining things | index finger

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Dream Posted on: 08/04/09
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