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…This is a really personal dream . I mean – I feel weird about being open about this but I really want to know what it meant… Before I begin, anyone reading this should understand that I’m female in real life. I’m heterosexual. And yes, from time to time I've had dreams where I’ve had a penis before –just not like this one though.

Some of it is foggy, but here we go:

I dreamed that I woke up naked, laying in the dark. I was aroused …I was still a woman but I also knew that at that moment I also had a penis. I could feel it making love to me –it was actually bent back and inside my anus –that’s why I’d woken up aroused. (I still had female genitalia as well, but for some reason the penis wasn't inside me there...)

I experienced ****** and when it was done; I wanted to take a bath. I tried to get up but it was still bent back and inside me. Every time I moved, it moved and I was aroused again. It was like I was being touched by something/someone else, even though no one else was there and the penis was a part of my own body.

So, I get up and leave the bedroom. This was not my bedroom. This was a house made of wood planks. I could feel the boards creaking under my feet and when I opened the door; I found myself in this old west hotel/house type place. NOT a ***** house or anything like that. It was just this big open mansion type home in the old west.

There were other women there –all in old west garb. And one blonde lady was apparently my mother. She was carrying a basket and when I came out (I wasn’t naked, but I don’t know what I was dressed in either) she told me she’d been preparing my bath.

We were walking in this hallway, except the wall to our left had different doors going to different rooms (like a hotel) and to our right there was no wall, just a banister. That side was open and you could look out to the rest of the house. It was in a square shape and the hallway led all around all four sides. (Just keep picturing old west hotel and you’ve probably got a good idea.)

There was food –fresh produce- on the table she and the other girls were working at when I came out. Different chili peppers (red, yellow and orange ones) and small yellow apples.

My ‘mother’ walked in front of me, leading me to the bath. As I passed the food, I snatched a yellow chili and a small yellow apple. …I think I was actually choosing these items to have sex with…(Please keep in mind that as I’m walking; I still have a penis and it is still inside my anus and I am still very aroused.) I remember snatching them when no one was looking because I knew I was doing something very sensual and ‘naughty’.

There were men around and it was like they were out of place. They didn’t really live there… maybe they worked for us? All I know is that they were more out of place then we were.

She leads me to the bathroom and I go in alone and shut the door. She leaves.

The room is a pentagon shape. I remember that being really clear to me. The penis is still inside my anus and I am still very aroused and I actually experience another ******. The bathtub is in-ground, and just a regular tub shape. I see that there’s some water in it already –about 2 or 3 inches deep and I know without touching it that it’s lukewarm. I remember thinking it was there waiting for me so that I could balance the temperature as I added the hot water. –Like it would act as a balance for my addition (the hot water).

I turned the faucet on –and now I was naked, but I don’t remember undressing. I remember straightening back up and realizing the walls had become see-through. I mean, they were still there –like I could still see the framed pictures hanging on them – but the walls were gauzy now and see-through.

I remember the movement making me ****** again and that this made me lose all interest in any masturbatory plans I'd been contemplating after getting in to the tub. Now the chili and the apple seemed like disgusting, dirty ideas to me and I wanted the penis to go away. I felt dirty.

And the old west men were turned facing the walls and they were watching me.

I felt very exposed –found out. And then I remember thinking that I could remember dreaming I had a penis before and if I wanted to, I could think about how my body is supposed to be and I could make it go away.

So I closed my eyes and remembered that I don’t really have a penis and I felt it disappear.

I woke up shortly after that.

So tell me, please. What the heck does THIS mean?????? In my other dreams where I’ve had a penis, it’s been hard and I can feel it in my palm, like it’s really there –like it’s a memory of me actually having one before.

And a couple weeks ago I dreamed I was a woman having sex with a girl –with my penis. But as I was doing this, I was very aware that I couldn’t feel anything. And I remember having the sensation that I couldn’t feel anything because this was wrong. That I am a woman and I don’t have a penis and that I wasn’t feeling anything because whatever ‘it’ (my penis) was, it was artificial –so of course I couldn’t feel anything. I was just going through the motions. Not getting off at all. –But she was.

Now, I am not gay. I've really thought about this and seriously, I’ve never even had an inkling desire to fantasize about a woman. I’m just not gay.

I am also not someone who just sits around all day ************ or even thinking about sex.

I've had some bad relationships with men -mostly because I've settled. And I've learned from those experiences and I really think I'm at least pretty well adjusted and evolved.

These dreams are really starting to confuse me though. I mean, what is this?? A past life thing?? A feminine power thing????

Please??? Somebody help me?????
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Dream Posted on: 03/19/08
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Posted on May 27th, 2010:
It would appear that you are seeking to have a man (possibly western style) as a lover. I do not think that the fact the penis is in your *** means that you are looking for that activity in general, but I think that it kept your genitals free to bee what they are during the dream, and yet still provide a sexual arousal. The appearance of your mother suggests that you wish to have her approval of a relationship and the objects you thought were dirty are your inner feelings toward the sexual aspects of a relationship
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Posted on June 17th, 2012:
I had dreams like that when I was young.
What do you mean it's different for everyone I think.
for me, it was about having the power... not woman power, but jus that is life at the time I did not feel very powerful.
What really sticks out to be is how many times you said that
you felt dirty... I don't think this is about a past life thing... but it wouldn't hurt for you to take some time to examine why
you feel so dirty
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Posted on March 19th, 2008:
Dreams like these are to show that you are being accosted by spirits of lust and desire that want to have a major influence on your life. It is to show you that you are in need of spiritual cleansing. God allows them so that you can know to turn to He is the one that ovecomes all and Saves you from these evil influences.
Before sleep, ask Jesus to surround you with angels of protection and to keep unclean spirits away from you.
Ps. Truth: If you purpose to NOT ask Jesus for protection, then you can know that these evil influences are ALREADY controlling a big part of your life.
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Posted on March 20th, 2008:
I think it's more of feminine power, like what you've already guessed. It shows to me that you have power or control over most things in your life but you feel that something is missing. But don't worry much about it because the bathing part is a sign of a change in life. You yourself is going to be renewed. Just be patient.
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Posted on March 20th, 2008:
Hi, Jen33. Ta for message. I did read your dream last night but didn't try an interpretation because, even though the desire for sex is a very simple thing, our cultural expections around sexual behaviour make sex dreams a very personal thing for every individual. It is sometimes hard to interpret dreams for people I don't know and can't ask questions. But since you ask, here goes:

You are a bit fed up with dealing with men. Relationships with them can be so frustrating sexually satisfying but emotionally stultifying. But at the same time, you are a healthy woman with a strong libido. So your subconscious has presented you with a way to "do it yourself" and not have to put up with all the game playing and difficulties of a real life relationship. Now, I am not sure if you actually do experience ****** in your dream, or if it is just part of the dream, but I am going to assume that you actually do have a physical ******. This means you are having the female equivalent of a "wet dream". Nothing wrong with this. Your subconscious has provided a way for your body to find relief, but in a way that is "safe" for you, without the emotional involvement that women usually have in sexual relationships. The fact that your penis is in your anus means that you are getting the benefit of sexual relief but still protecting and defending the actual womanly part of you. That is reserved for a real honest relationship with someone you can trust.

You feel that this is somehow "dirty", hence the need for a bath. But desire is not something you can wash away. It will come back again and again and again.
Your choice of an apple and a pepper are pretty clear - it's your confusion over female and male.

You are in a big old house with lots of women, and a mother figure. (Maybe you need to discuss this with a trusted older woman?) There are plenty of men around who find you attractive and desire you. But you fear they can see through your defenses, and this embarrasses you (the transparent walls). I'm sorry, I cannot make the connection as to why the house is western style.

This dream is disturbing for you, but don't worry. It's normal. Come to terms with your own sexuality and how YOU really feel about it. (So easy to say, but it does take awhile to accomplish.) You want emotional satisfaction as well as physical, and you have every right to expect it from your man. Don't "settle". I hope this helps. P.S. So few people know this - the female clitoris has as many nerve endings as the tip of the penis!
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Posted on March 30th, 2011:
I don't have the great gift to interpret dreams but what I can say is that sometimes dreams reflect what is in our minds and that is done either consciously or inconsciously. And that case of yours seems to come from the inconsiousness I mean you're a woman and you have feelings for men. But that desire to have a **** proves that sometimes, even when you don't show it publically, it's hidden inside of you and you wonder what is the feeling when you play sex with a woman. As advice don't bother yourself and if you're a believer, pray God. He'll handle with this disease
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Posted on June 4th, 2009:
Do you have any reasons to feel shame and guilt for sensing sexual pleasure from your body? It maybe a time that you were accused or caught ************. Or a fear of being caught doing so. Do you think that you will not feel as much pleasure being a female as a male does when sexually functioning?
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Posted on March 24th, 2008:
I am no expert but may be it just points towards something more physical like unfulfilled sexual desires rather than some deeper emotion.
I sometimes have some pretty weird dreams but I generally don't think about them and they don't bother me. You seem to be really troubled by it and in my view talking to a psychiatrist would be better than loosing your sleep over it.
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