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Trying To Flag Down A Bus (Being Naked Dream)
I was driving an open golf cart (no "roof") through an indoor flea market. There were a number of pedestrians walking towards me, so I was driving very slowly. The road was narrow to have both vehicles and pedestrians. I sensed rather than saw that there were vehicles or people behind me that were in more of a hurry that I was.

While slowly motoring down the narrow path of the flea market (which was huge, with a roof and open sides) with vendors on both sides, I realized I was naked, but it didnt' worry me as much as usual in a dream, because I conveniently had a towel at hand and draped in across me, and thought that there were so much clothing available I would stop and buy something when it was convenient to pull over.

Next thing I know I was on foot, looking at the racks of mens button down "tropical" shirts, but I was already dressed so had no urgency to purchase. The people who had been "behind" me when I was going down the path came into view. I didn't know them; there was a woman and two men, one of whom was drunk and stumbling--rather loud and obnoxious and I felt disdain that they had been on my heels, figuratively speaking.

Then the dream changed so that I was outside and there were more people around including a number of children, but the flea market was nearby. My attention turned towards a little boy going around a May pole--he may have been 4 years old. There was an old tall white man with a white beard--rather straight and tall, but about 70 years old. He was repeating something over and over again that at first I felt he was speaking to the child. It had to do with "summer camp ending" and "two weeks." It went through my my mind that the man was a deviant with eyes on the child, then I realized his gaze was unfocused and sort of hallucinating and I felt the message was maybe something out the mouth of a crazy man . . .

Still, it suddenly dawned on me that my (elderly) father might be looking for me/waiting for me. I looked across the parking lot and saw a long, old yellow school bus and realized that was the bus that my dad and "the group" were on. I worried that he would be wondering where I was and looking for me. I was standing at least half a football field (or more) from the bus and waving very vigorously and shouting, but I didn't see anyone there and no one around me paid attention. My attention must have been diverted, because I felt I looked away and when I looked back the old bus was gone, and a newer, "shorter" more modern school bus was the only one parked in the lot--again no people around it. This new bus was parked a little closer.

Even though I knew I wasn't going to get on the older bus, I felt some vague anxiety that my dad didn't know where I was . . .
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:beard | button down | crazy | crazy man | disdain | driving | drunk | elderly father | father

Dream Dictionary Type: being naked dream
Dream Posted on: 11/07/12
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Posted on November 8th, 2012:
The golf cart being driven, naked, by your self through the fleamarket tells me some things about you. You are concerned for others and take your responsibilities seriously, and more, you enjoy being responsible and helpful to those around you. You also worry about how others see you, about judgement - and that is logical, as you also judge others (drunken louts on your heels!)
The maypole represents fertility and the rites of passage. Do you have a son entering adulthood? It is almost as if you are telling yourself that your responsiblity is passing from your son to your father/parents..:)
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Posted on November 8th, 2012:
Thanks, Filly . . . you make some good points! Yes, I have a 21-year old son and these days focus much more time and energy towards my elderly parents. The "old" versus modern school bus theme gives me pause with your nice & objective thoughts on this dream.
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