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I don't believe in dream symbols having universal meanings or that every dream means something, but I think that some of them can be useful reflections of our subconscious minds. This dream seems to be one of those.

I was in a waiting room for something that I don't remember when I noticed two girls who struck me as approachable. I did talk to them, and they were nice. They let me walk with them. It turned out that there was this beautiful place with landscapes that can only exist in dreams as well as tree forts free for us to use like our homes. It was all payed for with tax money, like the library, but somehow unknown to most people. There were other things waiting at the end of a series of paths, but I didn't have time in the dream to explore them all.

The girls ended up introducing me to a male friend and a friend that I couldn't tell the gender of. Talking to these people, I got the impression that these people were teenagers rather than young adults. You know how it can be hard to tell sometimes. I felt a sad feeling, knowing that I couldn't completely belong to their group. We ended up in one of the tree forts, which appeared to belong exclusively to these friends. I sat down on the sofa, while the male and the females talked amongst each other like old friends. The androgynous one was scrutinizing me from a sofa across from me. I tried to look friendly, not knowing what to say. Then, rudely, she told me, "You give off freaky vibes." I felt like she was trying to push me out of the group. "I told her, "Yeah, I've always done that to people. Maybe it's my Asperger's syndrome. My body language is a little off." Then I think she said, "You freak me out."

The group had stocked up on commercial snacks that we were all sorting neatly into a box. I felt like I was trying to prove to them that I was a good person to have around. They continued to chat with each other, never addressing me. Then we sorted their large dvd collection. I wondered how much work it would take for us to feel mutual connections, and then I thought to myself that it probably wasn't worth the trouble.

This dream sounds like a combination of my life on the internet and my never-satisfied desire to feel a sense of belonging. It sounds like the internet because the wonderland was vast, free to the public, and close to my home. The paths I didn't explore remind me of websites that I'll end up on in the future. The tree forts that were free for groups to claim as their own were like internet forums. There was also a large warehouse connected to a store that I didn't mention, like an in the middle of the wonderland.

The meaning of the group is a little more obvious. It's a perfect representation of what's happened to me throughout my life, whenever I tried to join a group. I've always been the awkward outsider or the adopted charity case that they felt sorry for. People have always found me strange, and I've never known how to work myself into mutual understanding because I can never figure out what to say or when it's appropriate to say it. The unwritten rules of social interaction are too complex.
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Dream Dictionary Type: Belonging dream
Dream Posted on: 12/10/12
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