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In the dream I just had, I was a ruler. I had a follower that was a handsome man with sharp ears, and he was my guardian. He wore clothes of white and always was calm, his black long hair and his eyes of pure grayish green. The man was from a clan long dead, and I was a queen burdened with the extinction of her people and had to change the path of the demons of stone. I and my comrade went into their temples and I spoke to change their minds, my warrior faithfully behind, we spoke words which were forbidden by that people, for they though that those who knew the truth must die.
So each time we spoke, the person who listen would be chosen to die, we tried to speak to all, but the people decided to kill us and took us to a place were we became dead. As we turned to stone I swore we would escape and haunt them with the truth in a future. The demon priest, a man which lead them with grey skin, told us we would never see light again and I was sad. My guardian, my betrothed best friend kept my spirit up, made sure I would not rage at them, for they were still just trapped by their own minds, and it was what we were out to free them from. I was silent, but I accepted it, and found a way to free us of the demons stone, even without light, for somehow I could not be whole as stone, for my heart beat softly. I could feel my outer skin crumble and after who knows how long, I could feel the soft of my skin again. I broke free and silently in the dark turned to my comrade, and begun to free him of their magic as well. When he awoke and took our stuff I went to the entrance, which I noticed must have been sealed of with stone in the past. We had been put to "eternal sleep". I touched the stone, and the concrete between the stones became as sand and the stones crumbled away smaller in pieces. And in silence we moved on to again tell the truth to them. We, as the only with white skin and not grey, were quite distinct were we passed. The demons though we were divinity or holly beings, for they had never seen others as us, but some though us to be devils out to kill them from the outer world. I learned that 10 000 years had passed and me and my friend Crone knew this might be a good time as any to try a change. If we failed again, we could wait another 10 000 years, but we would never give up to change their ways so they could understand that their fears for outside was unneeded. I started to preach of the world outside to all, they took my Crone as he was a abomination I told them to stop as they dragged him to the temple, but they would not, I was dragged along as well, we were separated yet on the same way. I was reaching out for him and told them if they had to kill those who listened the truth they would have to kill their whole people for listening this time. They said only the bearers were to be removed.
I was placed in a chamber alone, waiting needlessly, I knew Crone was on the other side talking with their priest. Why did they not talk to us together? I was then allowed to enter through the stone and a female priest was there. Their traditions of only letting males rule seemed to have changed but Crone was not there. I asked in fear and a little rage what they might have done to him, the female told me they got rid of him since he was not the one who was the bringer of the message. I became as in fear and my powers changed almost malevolent and to fast, the priest was held close to me "Why?" I said "Why? He did not do anything but follow me, why did you hurt him?" I said desperate, for if they had killed him he would be gone. I could not save someone I could not find and such terrifying fears struck me if I were to lose him. The woman told me they had not killed him but let him out of this dark world through the entrance, the place of the banished. I don't know how relieved I was, or what I really felt but I was so happy right then I could have fallen down. I released the priest, and she asked what my message was. I told of the world they needed to accept, the world outside which they needed to live. I explained a lot of things, at least she listened, but then the woman stopped me "As you talk I realize I must banish you, leave us the same way as your follower and never come back" the female priest let guards lead me away to a chamber. They closed the door, and I was alone in the dark, then a door opened with light, the outside world and my Crone stood there. I ran over to him and hugged him hard "They have not changed" I said "Do not worry, your wrong. They did not try to kill us this time" Crone said with his soft smile "They will most likely change much more if we wait some, we are after all eternal race... why do you cry?" Crone suddenly said worried "I was so afraid of you, I though they... that they had... killed you" I said. He hugged me carefully, and I realized how much taller he really was in compare to me. Yet he always seemed so much shorter "You don't have to worry, I will keep my promise to you no mater what, even if I had to kill them in violence" Crone said.
I relaxed some, and got those silly tears out of my eyes and then we heard a sound. We save demons on the outside, out of the mountain they had hidden beneath, the banished, they were having a village not far of and we realized our battle would not be needles if we could make sure that those beneath realized the joy of this. Crone suddenly turned his attention to a hole in the mountain, and we went to look in. In the hole the high priest was proclaiming that they all would wash themselves and live by the water. And she removed the plug that stopped most of the water. The city under ground became filled with water and we realized when she spoke again she meant for all to leave the hole and be free. Suddenly our goal had been accomplished and Crone hugged me.
"Will you fulfill your promise now that there is no need to persuade this demons?" Crone said. I became rather shy and nodded my head "Now I will abide my rule to you my new king by marring you. And you can rule over me as you please." I spoke. He kissed me, those eyes. Now there was no reason to hold back our own desires, as we had saved the demons from their ancestors mistakes. I could focus on making my people living again, freeing them from stone, and he would rule those who still could live. I freed some, and he... he became the ruler which I was ruled by. I was on a bed in the last part and had a fur skin carpet over me made by a grey animals hide. He kissed me. Nudity... yeah... eh.. end of dream.
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Dream Posted on: 04/03/12
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Posted on April 14th, 2012:
looks like you had a fun night, i fall asleep and wake up in the morning thinking had I fallen asleep at all.
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