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Don't Know Where This Dream Came From? I'm Happily In a Relationship With My Boyfriend & He's Happily With Me..Need Help Interpreting the Meaning Behind This Random Emotional Dream Please

From what I can remember..I was hanging out with my boyfriend and his uncle. I don't recall where exactly we were at...But at one point in the dream my boyfriend and I separated from his uncle, we at one point got intimate, and he turned around and kissed me. It was very passionate, nothing forced or awkward feeling. We appeared to be cuddling, he was standing in back of me holding my waist. I felt the urge to turn around and kiss him back. My eyes were completely closed. I still felt his presence behind me. As I turned to kiss him..I was sure that the person that was still holding me that I locked lips with was his. Though when I opened my eyes, to my shock; I then realized that I wasn't kissing him at all. I was kissing a stranger. I freaked out in shock and looked around me to see where he was. I then looked to the side of myself and the stranger to see my boyfriend glaring at me, a look of sadness and dismay at me. I ran towards him crying, everything that had just happened all ended up hitting me at once emotionally and I began to cry and tell him I didn't know that I was kissing this stranger. That in my conscious mindset, that the lips I thought I was kissing were his. He didn't believe me and then told me that he was then breaking up with me. I cried sad and hurt, I was very saddened and angry at myself for my actions. I ran and found his uncle. I cried to him in tears asking him what I should do...And he then told me that it was not his problem and place to speak on anything. I was shocked and hurt because I felt that they truly didn't believe me. At the end of the dream the stranger disappeared. I don't know where the stranger went, nor where this stranger came from in the first place. In the end I was left alone with no one. I had feelings of extreme sadness, depression, and confusion all at once. I woke up from the dream with mixed emotions. The dream felt so real. Though I was happy that when I woke up my boyfriend was still cuddled up next to me. I cuddled up next to him and didn't tell him my dream for fear that it would strike a sense of tension and hurt feelings.

I honestly don't know what to make of this dream, nor do I know how to emotionally handle this. I am happily in a loving relationship with my boyfriend. We've been planning on moving into our first home together. We have an excellent strong communication and relationship, and I don't know if this dream is trying to tell me of something possible to my future with him. Or if this dream is intended to foresee something to the opposite affect. What do you make of this? Am I over analyzing this too much or should I take this dream seriously?

Thank You,
Jessica Behnke
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:cheating | confusion | depression | dismay | extreme sadness | feelings | kissing a stranger | mindset | presence

Dream Dictionary Type: Cheating dream
Dream Posted on: 10/06/12
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